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Inspiring a new way of healthy living with easy and delicious gluten-free recipes. Helping every host/hostess accommodate guests with food allergies. Making gluten-free easy and attainable for the every day cook.

NEW! I recently started With Style and Grace Baby. is a place for me to share

Me + my story.

A little over two years ago I was working in advertising, a high stress job when I had horrible health scare that landed me in the hospital for a long period of time. Through the rehabilitation process, they discovered there was damage to my intestines and gluten was the first to go.   As I worked to rebuild my strength I started blogging, more as a creative outlet.  I taught myself how to cook and bake, all gluten-free, a new world I quickly fell in love with. My mom offered me her old DSLR camera, that way I could share my creations with the world.  The blog has certainly evolved since. I now aim to capture the beauty of gluten-free, provide easy, yet delicious recipes, help every host(ess) incorporate allergy-free options into their menu and hope to inspire a happy & healthy life. My full story, here.


I love everything about it. I’m constantly in the kitchen making a mess testing various recipes.  I believe there’s incredible beauty in food and I try and capture that in my photographs. I grew up in a very healthy family,  both my parents are incredible cooks and outstanding hosts. I share mostly naturally gluten-free recipes, which are all listed here and of course, an entire gluten-free section, right here.

Note: This blog has evolved to be gluten-free, so you’ll still find recipes that contain gluten.


Hosting an event, small or big is an art. Coordinating all the details from the invitations to the food, cocktails, lighting, table settings, etc. is something that has always and continues to bring me great joy. Whether it’s hosting an afternoon brunch with close friends or a dinner with a group of colleagues, there’s always a reason to celebrate.

Here’s a few random facts/insights about me…

  • I recently became a mom to the most beautiful baby boy, November 9th 2012. I love being a mom so much, I started a baby blog.
  • I go to bed every night excited for breakfast, especially my morning coffee.
  • There’s always a bottle of white wine and champagne in the fridge. Red wine is stocked on the wine rack. Always prepared.
  • I could eat popcorn every night with a glass of wine and be the happiest girl, ever.
  • It all started with my Easy Bake Oven at age 7.
  • I married my high school sweetheart. We met in math class when we were 15 years old. (minus 2 years in college)
  • Wine & coffee are the two things I will never give up. Typically why I don’t usually do cleanses.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of Anthropologie without buying something, usually it’s dishware.
  • I don’t like oysters, kimchi or mayonnaise.
  • I’m active [usually running] 6 days a week. Past tense. Now, I’m active being a new mom.
  • If I could have one service, I would have someone do my hair every morning.
  • If I had to pick between sweet potatoes and cupcakes, I would choose sweet potatoes. Sadly, I’m not kidding.
  • I may have put the almond butter back in the fridge with the spoon still in it.
  • I’m always barefoot <when at home> and will freeze before I put socks on.




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Photographed by Edyta Photography


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