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It’s kind of like the first day back to school. Feeling like the new girl again, but without a cool haircut and new pair of shoes. But the motions are beginning to feel somewhat familiar. Probably because it took me 20 minutes to write this.

Okay, moving on.

I’m slowly finding my balance in this crazy life. I didn’t think it would be this hard. Juggling (somedays, literally) two kids, a full time job, navigating our new normal without mom – which required some therapy hours, and the basics like keeping everyone clean, fed and well loved.

One word, COFFEE. and a lot of it.

I have not mastered any of it, not even close, but I’ve had this craving to start writing again. I want to share my food and my stories with people. I want to reconnect with this community that has been so unbelievably supportive throughout all my adventure. ps. That’s what I call my life, an adventure. Feels more positive. I don’t even care if no one reads this anymore. I mean, I’m FANTASTIC at talking to myself on snapchat. Same thing.

But really why I’m back, or I guess the tipping point for me, was this.

It was mom’s birthday on Monday. She would have been 62. My sister and dad came over and we decided to make her favorite, lemon pasta. So, what do we do, but look up her recipe on the blog. POSTED IN 2012!! The whole time I kept thinking, THANK GOD I wrote this down. and not on paper where I probably would have lost it by now. Seriously, I can’t imagine not having her recipes.

Seriously. I just re-read this out loud. Of course my mom inspired me to get back into blogging. She was my biggest fan.


Well, on that note. I’m happy to be back.




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  • Kimberly Mayer

    Welcome back, Lisa! When I saw the link posted on Facebook, I immediately clicked it on it and did a little happy dance when I started reading!

    I’m excited for you to begin again and look forward to your posts, ramblings, and delicious recipes. And, yes, life is an adventure! I think it couldn’t be if one missed all the good and all the bad because healing, recovering from the darkest moments in life is the most amazing feeling in the world. <3

  • Jenbeth

    So happy you are back but I think its good to take time to grieve and we all understand. Your blog helps inspire me, and your talking about your mom helps inspire me. I lost my mom and then my grandma (who was my other “mom”) about 6 years ago to cancer, and I am still healing.

    I’m sure that people will read this (even though you don’t care). I look forward to more recipes because I LOVE how easy and fast all of your healthy recipes are – and how yummy they are too! As a mom, I also feel like I’m going crazy juggling life, and I only have one kid! Welcome back, Lisa!

  • http://www.patternmepretty.me Caitlin

    yay so happy you’re back! excited to read and start cooking some of the delicious recipes you share on here. xx!

  • Erin Inhof

    Welcome back!