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I cried when we found out we were having another boy.

In my head, I thought having a girl was the only thing that made sense while we were in the middle of caring for our mom. Everyone thought it was a girl.

Except mom. She didn’t even hesitate when she said it either. It was like, obviously, why would you think it was a girl?? But I brushed it off. With the brain tumor affecting her the way it had, there was no way she could be right.

She passed away a few weeks after that.

The day of mom’s celebration of life, we had our 22 week ultrasound and found out we were having another boy.

Of course mom was right. And having him here, I’m happy that she was right.



These two are inseparable.

Every morning they have to be together. Or more Mason needing to snuggle up to Gray. I don’t set any of this up – it’s all them. I set a blanket down on Mason’s floor and the two just giggle, babble and get as close to each other as they can. I’ll usually change Mason first, and then Gray. They’re a great distraction for each other and less of a fight for me.



Getting through our first year without mom has been really hard, but these boys have brought more joy than I could have ever imagined.

I mean, look at those faces.



I’m pretty sure Mace can do no wrong in Gray’s eyes. Although, every time mace does something he’s not suppose to, I give gray a look like, “don’t even think about it… ”

I’m so excited to watch these two grow up together.

I know they aren’t perfect and they’ll give me grey hair, but they have such a sweetness about them. I feel so lucky to be their mama.



Sometimes I joke that I’m no longer needed.

Mason will help feed him the bottle, run and grab burp rags, throw diapers away, and the best, make Gray stop crying.

I’ve over heard him whispering in Gray’s ear, “gaaay, i missed you. ” or “gaaay, you okaay? ummmm, lemme get your bottle.”

I die, every time.



Now, if only they weren’t so wonderful, I’d stop wanting a third.

I’m 70% certain we’re done…. The problem is, I would even care if I had another boy.

But I’m done.

I think.

*all images are from my iPhone / instagram 

I can only hope this bond takes them to great places. I hope they respect each other. Listen. Be that person when they need bailing out. And of course, always love their mama.

ps. I promise, there will be food again! It’s hard when I only have the weekends to photograph, but I do have a few recipes that I’m excited to share in the next few weeks.



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  • June Brown

    Forget the food – more pictures of the kiddos! 😉

  • Kasey

    This is just SO precious, Lisa. They are both soooo cute.

  • Heather Disarro

    We’re only 3 weeks in with two boys, but already I can’t even imagine what life would look like if Austin had been a girl. Wes loves him so well, and when Austin cries he’s the first to try and comfort him. THE. SWEETEST.

  • Angela Liddon

    Your writing is so beautiful…I could read these kinds of posts every day.
    I often wonder what it’ll be like when we hopefully have another baby and how our first will respond to him/her. It’s amazing to see the bond your boys already have together. so much love! They are just the sweetest.

  • Aggie

    Watching siblings love on each other melts my heart. wait a while then go for a third, it just keeps getting better (and crazier!) 🙂 much love to you Lisa!! xo

  • StyleOnV

    Lovely photos of your gorgeous boys. V x

  • Liz Della Croce

    This post speaks to me on so many levels!! There is truly nothing greater than watching brothers grow up together. Love you girl!

  • Kate Ramos

    These photos are incredible Lisa! Like Chris Rock says, when you have 1 kid, you are the entertainment. When you have two, you are just the chauffeur. They are adorable!

  • Simone

    Deciding when your family is complete has to be the hardest, emotional decision to make… I remember thinking I was done after boy,girl….then 11 yrs later came another little boy and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  • Mattie Roush

    This post was so touching. I’m sorry for your loss. Your boys are so sweet!

  • Scarlett Jones

    Oh, they are so adorable. Their love is so beautiful and pure!!

  • Daisy Chandler

    Food & kids – we want it all 🙂

  • Eva Cooper

    Your sons are amazing! You are one blessed woman.


  • Kann

    I’m sorry for your loss. And the boys are so adorable!!!