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Well, the past two months have been pretty stupid.

It all started out with Gray who got the 24 hour stomach bug after just two days of being in daycare. I have to say, seeing a little baby throw up constantly, I was in tears. No more, please.

Then the next week, Mason got the WORST flu bug that lasted almost an entire week.  I’ll spare you the details, but it was awful. We had to make a trip to urgent care because we couldn’t stop the vomiting and his fever wouldn’t go down.

Then I got the stomach bug at the tail end of Mason’s flu. I got a liiiiittle too dehydrated that I ended up in the ER. Fluids, check.

Then gray got a cold (same week), which turned into a double ear infection, which then brought us back to urgent care (2nd time for him that week). Super awesome.

Then mace got a cold.

Then daycare called and asked me to pick up Gray because he had a fever (with his cold).

Then I got strep.

Aaaaannnnd then, mace got pink eye.



Oh and while all this was happening, my husband was opening a brand NEW hotel.

Our family CLEARLY doesn’t like boring. I think that’s my takeaway. But at the same time, I still don’t quite understand how this is real life.



This kid had so many baths. He was basically just one big prune.

Even though he was so sick, this was such a peaceful time for him and I. We would quietly sing songs while he just sat there and maybe would pick up a bath toy. He still had his sweet smile and was such a good sport.

I also let him have his pacifier basically, anytime and anywhere that week (usually it’s a bedtime only). So, there’s one reason he had a smile on his face.


Alright, no more. We’re over this flu season, it’s not even funny.

BUT at the end of the day, my kids are relatively healthy and not dealing with something more serious and for that, I’m incredibly thankful.


So, that’s where I’ve been in case you’ve been wondering. And food and I are starting to have a relationship again so maybe I’ll eat something other than soup and grilled cheese and get you all a recipe next week. Assuming, we survive the weekend…<KNOCKING ON WOOD>



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  • Jessica

    Oh, my goodness that sounds absolutely miserable! Strep and the flu have been RAMPANT in our area…hardly anyone has escaped one or both. My oldest and I both had the flu and it SUCKS. I hope you are all on the way to better health! Spring is coming soon!

  • Emma

    Oh you and your poor (adorable) family! I hope that is the last of it and you’re fighting fit in no time xo

  • Goldie Stetten

    Sounds horrible for you and your family, load up with probiotics! It sounds like you all might need it after all that.

  • Lustrous_ie

    Hope they stay well and you manage to have a good weekend:)

  • Terri

    Oh Lisa…..sounds like you’ve all been in the trenches. Praying you’re on the other side of it, with sunny skies and NO more urgent care visits – yikes!
    Soak up those sweet boys!

  • http://www.dishesrunwaysandbriefcases.blogspot.com/ natalie

    I totally understand how this feels!! Well minus the 2nd babe, we just went through 10 days of pretty bad flu (then a double ear and sinus infection), while the hubby works crazy hours and also got sick twice! Horrible and sending you lots of healthy energy vibes.

  • bev @ bev cooks

    OH my gosh!! I’m so sorry this month has been doo doo for you. xxoxoxo.

  • Kate Ramos

    Holy Moly! You’ve had the shit end of life for sure. Here’s to spring bringing health to your family. You deserve a healthy spring, summer, fall, aaaaannnnddd winter.

  • http://thelemonbowl.com/ Liz Della Croce

    Hi Friend. Miss you and love you. 🙂 And this post hits home – Jacob has pink eye and an ear infection. Fun times. 🙂 xo

  • http://www.thomsonscleaning.co.uk/ Bethany Thomson

    It’s seems like you’ve got a tough week 🙁 But, your kids are very cute!