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I know, I’m still in shock myself.

But it’s really happening. I’m <almost 14 weeks> pregnant with baby #2, due September 7th.

It has taken me about a week to write this. I am excited, really, but my life is so crazy, the last thing we “planned” to do was bring another child into this family. Yes, we always wanted a second, but thought we’d try once everything settled at home and Mason was a little bit older. I honestly didn’t think there was room on my plate, but apparently the universe had a different plan. Full life circle literally happening under one roof. Pretty unbelievable when I think about it.

Truthfully, I’m scared.

I’m scared that we’ll lose my mom (or possibly this baby) over the next 6 months. I’m sad that she won’t be in the hospital room with my husband when this child is born like she was with Mason. I’m both scared and sad that I’m about to be a mother of two children <under the age of 2> and won’t have my mom there to comfort me or give me advice. Just to clarify, I’m not assuming my mom won’t be with us, but mentally (due to the tumor), she’s not able to communicate, except for a handful of (basic) words or even have the strength or ability to get out of her hospital bed. You can find more info/updates, here

Deep down though, I’m really happy and incredibly grateful for this baby.

I’ve always believed, and still do that there are no accidents. We tried for what feels like forever to get pregnant with Mason. We said he was our miracle baby. Now, finding out we’re expecting number two in the middle of grieving, you could also consider that a miracle. I believe there’s a bigger reason for this baby. It’ll be a gift and he or she will likely be a piece of my mother.



Now for the pregnancy details.

This feels like a completely different pregnancy than my first. I feel great. There have been a few mornings that I’ve struggled, but once I get a piece of toast down, I’m good. I still have a good appetite. I can still eat salads and vegetables, but CRAVE any and every kind of fruit. I’m pretty sure I ate an entire cantaloupe the other day and if I had another, I’d eat it right now. What’s also different is I’m SUPER emotional. I drove by a car accident and started crying my eyes out. My sister will walk in the room after a commercial and I’ll have tears running down my face. It’s kind of obnoxious, but we’re all getting use to my continuous tears. Then as expected, I’m tired and suffer from baby brain, but can’t complain. My co-workers might though… sorry guys, just 6 more months.

I’m happy to be pregnant. Growing a little human being and the bond between mother and child that forms is something I really can’t put words to. Even during my difficult pregnancy with Mason, I fell in love with his every kick, hiccup and wiggle that happened. I’m anxious to do the same with this little bean.

Thank you for joining me in this crazy adventure that we call life. I’m thankful for all of you!

Now, any recommendations for double strollers, thoughts on two kids sharing a room (when we move out), and any good maternity work clothes? Ready, go!


My sweet family. Likely the last professional family photo before we’re a family of four.


All of these photos were taken by the talented Catherine Abegg // Calima Portraits. She’s A M A Z I N G.




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  • http://www.thesouthernstyle.blogspot.com Zelle Brown

    Congratulations to you! And I’m loving that sweet picture — what a beautiful family you have. Thinking of you in this very special and sensitive time!

  • Julie @ Table for Two

    Ahhh congratulations, Lisa!!! That first picture of Mason looking at your tummy is seriously so cute!! Always thinking of you and your family <3 xoox

  • Bibi Pierson

    Congratulations, Lisa!!!! These are such precious and beautiful pictures! Mason is so adorable and you all look amazing. I agree that this next baby will be a piece of your dear Mom and what a gift that will be. Thinking and continuing to pray for you and your family.

  • azestybite

    Congratulations and this truly is a gift. This is just the perfect gift and side thought that your family needs at this time.

  • http://www.thegrommet.com/blog/the-maker-movement-in-motion/ Tori

    Love these pics and a warm congrats Lisa!

  • bev@bevcooks

    Yaaaaay!!!! <3<3<3

  • Rachel Cooks

    So so so excited for you, Lisa! Thinking and praying for all of you as you go through this roller coaster of emotions. <3

  • Aggie

    Oh Lisa!! I can only imagine the emotions you’re feeling. I’m so happy and excited for you friend. Keeping your sweet family in my prayers. Congratulations!!

  • Lindsay @ the Live-In Kitchen

    Congrats! I had all three of my babies since finding out my dad had brain cancer and while it has its own fears and challenges, it has really been a blessing. I highly recommend the Sit and Stand stroller. It doesn’t technically click in an infant car seat but I was always able to make it work. Once the baby can sit up it gives lots of options for the toddler to sit, stand, or walk. And if there happens to be a third child that comes along, you can fit all three! My kids have all shared a room at one point starting when the baby is about 4-5 months old. We just went for it and they’ve never had any trouble waking the other up (even when one is sick) and really miss each other if one is gone for some reason.

  • Joelle

    Lisa- So happy for you Ben & Mason. It’s going to be amazing. Wanted to share my love for my double stroller with you being that I did quite a bit of research to find a nice, compact, easy to push, lift, great quality, ect., double ride! We have the City Select by Baby Jogger. It was actually originally designed as a 1 baby stroller then they implemented it to have a second seat kit and it’s amazing! The seats go a few different directions and will accommodate seat & infant carrier well. Despite it’s quite deceiving maker “baby jogger” I would not suggest running with it, but the big wheels in the back & real rubber tires make it as delightful as pushing two kids in a stroller can be. When Mason gets a bit older or many into the phase where he does not want to ride in the stroller (we are there now, sigh,) you can put a glide board on the back which is really great like a little skateboard that folds up and down. Lauren has the same stroller, and I think she loves it as much as I do!?
    My two cents on sharing a room is, you work with what fits the needs of your family first. We were in a 2×2 Condo until the girls were 9 months and I was ready to split them up when we moved because they began waking each other up and it was so difficult. We pushed through it and there is no way I can separate them now, they are too close. Trust your instincts on this one, maybe Mason can sleep though his/ her crying or fussing or maybe it disturbs him so you separate them. He may express to you that he wants to share a room with him/ her you’ll be able to tell. You’ll do amazing, congratulations again! If you ever need tips on double anything please don’t hesitate to write me. Hi to Ben and look forward to your future updates!

  • http://www.sweetandsavoryfood.com/ Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats

    Congrats! We also became a family of four quickly after our first was born. Our son was between 9-10 months old when I found out I was pregnant with #2. I’m not going to lie having 2 under the age of 2 can be trying at times but at the same time we are thankful of how close they are. Now they are 4.5, 3 and I’m due with #3 in May! It will all work out…..and I definitely agree with you, this one is a piece of your mother.

  • http://www.perpetuallycaroline.com/ Caroline L.

    Congratulations to you and your family!! This baby will be the ultimate delivery of joy, I’m sure of it 🙂

  • http://thelemonbowl.com/ Liz Della Croce

    I can’t stop beaming for you!!! These photos are so stunning – you are glowing my friend!! The circle of life is astonishing. So so thrilled for you. And of course, you and your mother remain in my prayers daily. xooxo

  • Victoria Waterbury

    Wow! You continue to be an inspiration to me, the optimist persona that you possess through everything despite the unexpected things is incredibly encouraging, even though it can be a challenge! And a new baby…hmmm? I was beginning to get worried for you after a while, but I understand being a mother of two babies under two is a big job! :). It becomes you so very much!! I’m so-o looking forward to my day! Remember dreaming of your special one? That’s me, but I am so happy for you and Hubby. Your family is truly awesome!
    Hoping and praying for you and I’m wishing that you experience something beautiful through this birth. You’re right, this little blessing is going to be something wonderful in an amazing way!!!
    – Victoria (I sent you an email). 😉

  • Heather Christo

    I just am so happy for you (while simultaneously crying!) The circle of life is a beautiful, if sometimes painful, thing. God always has a plan and what a blessing you have been given during this difficult time. I look so forward to seeing your bump and eventually another addition to your lovely family.

  • Sandy Coughlin

    We are thrilled for your family. Congrats, Lisa! xo

  • http://inbliss01.blogspot.com/ Delia

    You guys are my faves, seriously! Always happy to hear you’re all doing great! I completely understand how you feel, even though, thankfully your Mom is still in your life. I lost my baby brother very recently and it’s still surreal. I don’t question how God works but you are absolutely right about timing. I am very happy for you and your beautiful family and wish you nothing but strength, togetherness, love and most importantly faith!:)

  • Kate Ramos

    Oh what wonderful joy Lisa! I’m so excited for you and you never know what God has in store, just take every day for the blessing it is and miracles can and do happen.

  • http://justforfoodies.blogspot.com/ Colette

    Those pics are crazy cute. And baby#1 is so adorable, I can just guess how sweet #2’s going to be. congrats!!

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations Lisa! I am so happy for you!! xoxo

  • polarkoala

    Congrats and praying for your mom and the babyinthebelly at the same time. I know what you’re feeling since I just lost my mom due to a stroke… Positive vibes from Europe! (IG: polarkoala_)

  • Jessica

    Congratulations on the baby news! And I’m SO sorry to hear your mom is not doing well. I’m expecting our second child too and am very emotional. Just reading this post had me in serious tears.

  • Annette

    I just said a little prayer for you, for your Mom and for your growing family. I pray that peace will envelope you as you relish the varied experiences in your near future. Enjoy every moment. Only time will help you understand why it all makes sense…. right now…all happening at the same time… it is perfect. It is my experience that there is nothing more real, more intimate than birth and death. Regardless of your faith, when you consider the miracle of life itself, and the possibility of eternity… it is awesome. I pray that you will seek the Truth about eternity, because of what’s before you. Your entire family will grow in love through it.

  • aimee @ small eats

    Congratulations! It’s so great to hear that happy times are coming your way 🙂

  • http://www.gripped.com.au/ womens weight lifting belts

    Congratulations to you and your family. Your family is truly awesome!
    Hoping and praying for you and I’m wishing that you experience something beautiful through this birth.