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I’ve really missed our coffee talks.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been drinking enough coffee for you, your mother and I combined. I do love my coffee addiction and certainly no plan in changing it. Okay, you have your coffee? Good, cause I have mine (even if you’re reading this at 4pm, this is still probably accurate).

So, the Seahawks are playing in the playoffs on Saturday and pretty sure we’ve got ourselves the cutest fan. Mason participated in a contest (entered by my husband’s work) and I think I’ve watched this video a bazillion times and then laugh so hard every time he raises his hand like I’m seeing it for the first time.

As everyone else on this planet, I’ve been trying to add more greens into my “diet”. I hate that word, but that’s another conversation. I find when I’m off, emotionally and physically, greens help bring a little balance back in my life. Plus, it’s the only thing my mom AND child will also drink all of so yes, I will happily make green smoothies everyday. I usually just empty the fridge or freezer, but I love this “How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie” from 100 Days of Real Food. Might switch up my smoothie “recipes”.

I love this. Erin showed us the behind the scenes of blogging and I kind of want to walk in her shoes for a day. The cell phone shots and then cell phone + laptop are my favorite.

I’ve been cooking a lot, trying to feed my family good, whole foods. I made this baked egg with chanterelles dish for my family over the weekend and it was a hit! It made me look way fancier than I really am, which I always appreciate.

Back to Mason. He usually eats what we eat or the leftovers from the night before. He’s not too picky. Although, I feel like I need to get a little creative with the toddler treats. Jenna’s definitely inspired me with her fun toddler food. Thinking fruit snacks and graham crackers are in his near future. Need some mom points, ya know.

Here, you need a good laugh. I had no idea she was so funny – 25 Times Anna Kendrick Was Painfully Accurate.

Have a wonderful weekend all you lovelies! xx



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  • Caroline L.

    My favorite kind of post! And ahhhhhh that video! Your baby boy is a natural on screen 🙂

  • Victoria Waterbury

    I am a very recent member 
    to this new circle of friends. Almost twenty-five and still a single adult, I find your refreshing and inspired way of writing about life echoes my own heart. Funny, I already feel welcome even though I am just now getting the chance to ask, “Can I join you for a cup?” 😉

    I want to express my tender regard for your family.   Little Mason is a charm to us all! With what you have gone through over the last six(?) months, it is such a blessing you look at the aftermath as a challenge to find greater joy in life.   And your mom is especially blessed to have you.
     Your first Coffee Talk was the first entry I had the privilege of reading and I have long held to the jewel of truth that our paths are brought together for a reason.  (After trying to offer something to give back to you almost half a dozen times, for whatever purpose this made it to the final posting! ). I hope it it makes you smile too! You inspire me to challenge myself, complimenting the wonderful store house of wisdom my mom has offered me through the years.  We are SO blessed to share such a close bond with our moms.  I’m sure it will last long after they have gone.  
    That being said, I am sending prayers and tons of hopeful thoughts for a bright tomorrow!!

    Victoria Waterbury

  • More About Lasik

    Lovely mug!

  • kiki