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Oh what a week. I think everyone’s ready for a break, right?

This soy latte brings more joy to my life than it should. I had about 30 minutes of quiet time with my latte and it was incredible. I’ve hit so many walls lately, my husband told me I get all of Sunday. Well, he may have said you get a break on Sunday. My interpretation, it’s all day. Hair, nails, shopping, coffee shop, maybe meet up with a friend for a drink. Yeah, it’s definitely all day.

I’m sorry it’s been so slow around here. About a month ago, I lost about EIGHT blog posts. Then I re-wrote them and probably drove you all crazy (or confused you) when they all popped back up in your feeds. Then a few weeks ago, they all disappeared again. I decided I wasn’t going to do it again so whatever’s lost is lost. Sorry guys.

I’ve been hesitant to post again in fear it would do the same thing. I think by next week I should be moved to a new server and we can get back into regular postings.

Shall we talk about how Thanksgiving is next week? I hope it doesn’t stress you out. This is the first year (for them and second for me) that we won’t be celebrating in Hawaii. It’s bittersweet. It’ll be great though. I’ve already drafted the grocery list and planning to go this weekend otherwise, we’ll go Wednesday and there wont be anything left. It’s just our small family so now crazy cooking. HOWEVER, my dad always says, “go big or go home”. Good thing we love leftovers!

Here’s what I’m thinking for Thanksgiving -

If I’m forgetting something, let me know. Until next time, happy turkey shopping!


Thanks for our coffee date! – xx



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  • Katie Unger

    Ooh heavens, that table is beautiful! I want mind to look like that, too. Happy Thanksgiving…big hugs to your whole family (and enjoy your Sunday!)

  • Lawandi Janice

    lol, your Thanksgiving outfit is awesome! Drawstring pants are the way to go!
    And, I agree, if your posts keep disappearing, I’d work on finding a web developer and a new server. I have given up on DIYing my blog/blog design. I’ve just hired professionals because I put so much effort into my blog and it really means a lot to me (as it does you!. We deserve it ;)

  • Caroline L.

    Happy Weekend! Go take some deep breaths and get ready for Thanksgiving! :)

  • Trish

    I am pretty sure you forgot to mention your drink of choice – for both cooking and enjoying your meal. Good think I know you oh so well over there in the Baker house. Chardonnay on tap! xo

  • HalfBakedHarvest

    That table is so gorgeous!! I wish mine could look that way! And that stuffing! yum!

    Have a great weekend!

  • gullyterrier .