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We all want to be healthy. Sometimes it’s the small steps. I’ve included some of my favorite kitchen items from (one of my favorite shopping sites!) Fab that help me live a healthy life. I honestly go to Fab for a lot of our household items because they’ve got such cool stuff and have the best deals. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Exactly.


French Press - Caffeine. If you’re going to have it, I always think coffee and tea are the best options. We love our french press and convinced it naturally slows things down. Because french press is so good, I don’t even need coffee cream.

Measuring Cups and Spoons - I’m going to assume that if people are using their measuring cups and spoons, they are eating less processed foods. Whether its counting calories, portion control, or making homemade anything is usually better than packaged goods.

Wooden Spoons - I use wooden spoons for everything. One pot meals, quinoa, pancake batter, and the list goes on. I have a holder of just wooden spoons on my countertop.
Dressing Shaker - Reading the back of dressing labels makes me cringe. So many unnecessary ingredients. Homemade salad dressing isn’t as hard as you may think and it almost always tastes better than store bought dressing.
Muffin Pans - If you’re making healthy muffins, high five! But muffin pans are great for portion control. I’ll make breakfast cups with eggs and ham or baked oatmeal – both great options for on the go.

Popcorn Popper – It’s time to toss out all that microwave popcorn! We have an air popper and Whirly pop, which we use all time time. You can control the oil, butter and salt with this or you can customize and make your popcorn sweet or savory.

Scale - If you bake, you probably know the best results are when you go by weigh scale vs. measuring.

Batter Bowl - No one likes dishes, unless you’re my father. I love this bowl especially for pancakes and waffles because I can pour directly from the bowl. I’ll also use this as my scrap bowl. Makes cleaning much easier.

French Oven – This never leaves our stovetop. Ever. We got our Le Creuset as a wedding gift and probably the most used out of everything.  That and our wine opener. We make everything in it from soups, chili, roasts, pasta dishes and more. We love it.

Wood Board – I love a good wooden cutting board. For me chopping is (inexpensive) therapy. There must be something in the action of chopping that releases some happy chemical. I’ll also use the cutting board for entertaining and setting out appetizers out on it.


As if you needed another reason not to love Fab (name says it all). They have a Smile Guarantee, so anything you’re not completely happy with they’ll return for a full refund. Brilliant.

To get updates of their newest sales and deals, sign up for their email newsletter! I’ve been getting their updates for years, which is why this was such a natural fit for me to share this with all of you.



*This post was sponsored by Fab, but all opinions are truly my own. 



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  • Gaby Dalkin

    Can I just have another wedding so I can ask for all of this stuff? Is that allowed?

  • WithStyleGrace

    I think there should be another chance to register & give/recieve gifts – maybe when we hit 10? ;)

  • Heather Christo

    I love this round up of kitchen essentials, and what a bonus that they are healthy! I am getting that popcorn maker!

  • Kasey

    I can never have enough wooden spoons. Love this collection!

  • Aida Mollenkamp

    I love Fab too — thanks for sharing your essentials!