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My first job when I was 15, I worked at a cafe where they (not me) made crepes on a beautiful crepe maker. My favorite was always the crepe with raspberry preserves and powdered sugar. I can’t even tell you how many I consumed that summer. Thank goodness for a young and speedy metabolism.

Since being gluten-free, I had only eaten gluten-free crepes at select restaurants or farmers markets and they were, well… just okay. It was time I made my own.

My husband and I tried a few different combinations and this was definitely the winner. They had great flavor, the texture was soft, not gritty or chewy. These aren’t as thin as original crepes, but a little extra “meat” never hurt anyone (wink, wink).



Crepes are really just a thin pancake.

It’s pretty brilliant. Just one more way to get that pancake fix.

I decided to make my crepes with buckwheat flour for a little added protein and fiber. You’d think by the name, that buckwheat would contain wheat, but surprisingly, it doesn’t. Buckwheat is a plant that is cultivated for its seeds. This flour adds a bit of nuttiness as well as good protein, like I mentioned.

With a combination of Arrowhead Mill’s all-purpose gluten-free flour and buckwheat flour, I knew it wouldn’t take many tries for this to work out. I know I’ve said this before, but not all gluten-free flours are created equal so when you find a good all-purpose, get excited. very excited.


Other favorite fillings include strawberries and whipped cream or nutella/hazelnut spread and bananas. Or you can make these savory with some ham, pesto and spinach. That’s my other favorite.

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Buckwheat Crepes with Raspberry Preserves

makes about 6 crepes

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  • Raspberry preserves or jam
  • powdered sugar


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until well combined – no clumps. Place in the refrigerator to chill for about an hour.

note: make sure the butter is slightly cooled before adding to the blender. If too hot, it may start to cook the egg. 

Heat a non-stick skillet over low-medium heat. Add a sliver of butter and coat the bottom of the pan. Mix the batter before you pour about 1/4-1/3 cup into the center of the pan. Tilt the pan back and forth ever so slightly until the batter reaches the edge of the pan.  Cook about 4 minutes and then carefully flip with Nylon or Silicone spatula. Cook for another 2 minutes or so on the other side and then remove.

note: lightly mix the batter in between crepes since it tends to separate a little. 

Continue until you’ve used up all the crepe batter.

Spread about 1 tablespoon of raspberry preserves or jam in the center of the crepes, spread with a knife or back of the spoon. Sprinkle a good amount of powdered sugar (via sieve) and then carefully roll up. For a nice touch, sprinkle a little more powdered sugar and then ready to serve.

Serve immediately and enjoy!



Inspired by David Lebovitz


This post is sponsored. However, I only work with brands I like and have products that I’d (someday) feed my kid(s). All opinions are my own.



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  • http://www.averiecooks.com/ Averie Cooks

    Way to go making GF crepes! Not easy but you made it look that way. They’re beautiful!

  • Quinn Cooper

    This look to die for. I lived in Paris for a year and a half and ate banana nutella crepes among others almost every morning. I haven’t had crepes in so long, but I might just have to make them now!

    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  • Rachel Cooks

    These are gorgeous!

  • Holly Hoff

    Love crepes!! Look and sound delicious!

  • kelley {mountain mama cooks}

    These are gorgeous! I love the nutty flavor and texture of buckwheat!

  • http://damndelicious.tumblr.com/ Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

    Your first job as a crepe maker? So jealous! My first job was at cold stones, and I’d have my hand throbbing from scooping so much ice cream!

    Love this crepe by the way. An dI sure wish I could have this for breakfast right now!

  • http://twitter.com/amandaformaro Amanda Formaro

    Positively beautiful!

  • http://twitter.com/E2gather Sheila

    Lisa these are gorgeous…now I’m salivating. Need crepe now ; )

  • Cheryl TidyMom

    oh crepes are a weakness of mine! these are beautiful Lisa!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kadingle Katrina Mona

    So pretty! And tasty looking 🙂

  • Lana @ Never Enough Thyme

    Beautiful crepes! I also saw a chef on The Cooking Channel make buckwheat crepes months ago and I thought they sounded wonderful. Now I want to try them even more. I’ll be tracking down some buckwheat flour as soon as possible 🙂

  • http://www.tasty-yummies.com/ Beth @ Tasty Yummies

    Oh my gosh!!! These are beautiful!! I think I need to make these ASAP. Think coconut oil would work in place of the butter?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mara.popan Mara Popan

    They really look amazing and really tastyyy!!

  • SabinaM

    i will surely try this.. can’t wait to taste it. Bankruptcy Lawyer Renton

  • Chiane

    wow! you are really something. Beefjerky.com

  • lisa

    look fantastic – I
    will have to give them a try

  • lisa

    I love the simplicity
    and beauty of this