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About that baby weight… I’m over it.

Healthy eating habits is a HUGE part to changing your body, but we still can’t forget to exercise.

The first week of being a mom, I decided I didn’t want my gym membership anymore. After years of being a gym rat, I finally gave it up. Sure, I want to lose this baby weight, but I’m not ready to leave my baby, plus we’re trying to make some changes financially.

Just because the gym isn’t an option, doesn’t mean I can’t get in a good workout. I pulled out a few DVD’s and purchased a few new ones. I also go for long walks (pushing the stroller) when it’s not pouring down rain or running up and down stairs. I’m just getting started with my new workout routine (at home) and so far, I’m already feeling results. Again, I’m also eating healthy and staying active with my baby.

So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you.


1. Jillian 30 day shred – If you want an ass kick (aka results), this is it. There’s three levels, with a nice mix of strength, cardio and abs. After 5 times, I’m still on level one. Again, I’m completely out of shape, but it’s nice to know I have “room” to grow. Each level is 20 minutes and I try and do this video 3-4x a week. I’m not a sweater, but I get close to breaking a sweat in level one, about 10 minutes in. The nice thing about this, you only need a set of weights, which for me, 3 lbs it is (at the moment).
2. Tracy Anderson – I want what she’s having kind of video. She’s a celebrity trainer and is mostly known for her work with Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s very “dance-y”, but I like it because it doesn’t always feel like you’re working out. One negative about this, is she’s not the most motivating, but if you can get past that, you’ll be fine. The little movements that you do with your own body weight and 3 lb weights sure does a body good. I do love her method, which you can get a little preview HERE. I don’t always do the entire video, but I’ll break this this up and do just the arms or just the legs, etc., when I need a little strength “training” after I get back from a walk or at the tail end of nap time (for the baby, not me).


3. GAIAM Pilates – This is a great change from the others. I think a pilates or a yoga video are good to throw into the collection and mix things up. I’ve heard great things about the I like the ab one the best and usually do this 1-2x a week. I’ve heard good things about Crunch Gym Pilates and 10 Minute Pilates.


4. The Bar Method – Who knew such little (but consistent) pulses could hurt so bad good. Are you familiar with The Bare Method? There are studios popping up everywhere. I had my first experience when we were living in San Diego (when I was in great shape) and it was a major ass kicker. Classes can be rather pricey, so as I slowly became out of shape (cough cough, growing a baby), I bought this DVD – still pricy, but worth it,  I could do this at home whenever I wanted. This was the first video I did after I having my baby and oh my goodness… I hurt for days. The sad part, I didn’t even finish the video and I was still hurting. Personally, I like a good hurt because it feels like my body is in the process of changing. Equipment needed is weights and a bar, which I use a stool or the edge of a counter. For me, 3 lb weights are enough at the moment.


5. Gunner Peterson CORE Secrets – This is a great ball exercise. Gunner Peterson is also a celebrity trainer and has some great strength training moves. I think if I used heavier weights, I’d be much more sore and feel like it was shaping my body.

Next on my list, Hip Hop Abs. Seriously. I use to dance growing up (not all that well, but whatever) and love how great I feel and it doesn’t even feel like a workout. I need a good cardio addition and think this might be it.


What are your favorite workout videos?

How do you stay fit?



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  • Alyssa Gapske

    You’re right. 30-Day shred is amazing! You see results so quickly.


  • Savvy in San Francisco

    Love the 30 day shred for two reasons – it’s only 20 minutes and it is a huge workout! You feel like Jillian is really yelling at you and getting you to workout. I have been wanting to try Tracy Anderson’s video too.

  • Bethany Porter

    I love every Jillian video. If you want straight cardio, her “Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism” DVD is awesome. I also love Cassey Ho who has a site called Blogilates. Her workouts are body-changing and she posts TONS of free workouts on her Youtube channel. She just came out w/ an awesome 1 hour DVD. It’s hard but I like the challenge.


  • Kasey

    I love the Jillian Michaels workout! I was doing it throughout my pregnancy (and before!) alongside pilates classes. I quit the gym several years ago and have never looked back. xoxo

  • Lauren Luhrs

    It’s cheaper to order the Bar Method DVD direct from their site vs. on Amazon. After doing a 30-day pass at a local Bar Method studio, I knew I wanted to pick up a DVD to take back with me to law school, and the ladies at the studio recommended the Dancer’s Body video. I know they have other DVDs, too, if you’re just starting out with Bar Method and want something less advanced.

  • Ana

    To be honest with you, I hate the gym. I hate the idea of being trapped in a closed room exercising with a lot of people you don’t know. But I love Jillian Michael’s DVD! It’s hard to get used to, but it’s SO worth it!

  • Aida Mollenkamp

    I’m always looking for good videos when I’m on the road. Thanks, Lisa!

  • Ali | Gimme Some Oven

    I’m obsessed with The Shred! I have actually worn out two DVDs and am on my third. Such a great workout for minimal time. I also am a big fan of The Bar Method. 🙂

    Great roundup!

  • Andrea @ Strawberry-Chic

    I just bought the 30 day shred a few months ago and really like it. I have 2 little ones and am a stay at home mom (living in rainy/cold Seattle area) so workout videos are just about all I can manage to do these days. I really love my “Bob Harper, Inside Out Method” video. It’s pretty intense so I alternate between that and the 30 day shred…but if you really want to sweat it’s a great one!

  • Sarah@creatingbettertomorrow

    I am a BeachBody coach and could get you hooked up with Hip Hop Abs, it is on special right now for $19.95…email me at

  • Caroline@chocolateandcarrots

    Along with jogging with Liam in the stroller, I love doing Gilad’s Cuts and Curves workouts. I did Jillian Michaels before I got pregnant, but have yet to try her video again. 😀 Great list Lisa!