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If you were wondering what I’ve been eating these days (as a new, busy mom), THIS is it. Avocado and Turkey Sandwich. Obsessed.

With me getting back into work, but also being at home with my little guy, it’s so easy to forget to eat, shower, or simply remember that it’s your birthday.

Yep. My dad had to remind me that my birthday is next monday. Before having a baby, I would have already had a celebration planned. Funny how priorities change.

So here’s the deal.

I’ve been trying to significantly reduce my cheese intake. I was basically eating it all day, everyday for 9 months.

Turkey and cheese or a grilled cheese and ham sandwich were my comfort, which was new, thanks to pregnancy.

Now that my pre-pregnancy appetite is returning (THANK GOODNESS!), I’m finally back to enjoying my favorite, avocado toast. Sometimes with a fried egg… Oh happy day!

With all the avocados lying around, it was a no brainer when I went to find a replacement for my cheese obsession. A nice little exchange of bad fats with good fats.

I literally ate TWO turkey and avocado sandwiches for lunch the other day.



Avocado and Turkey Sandwich

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  • 2 pieces of bread, gluten-free (or bread of choice) – I like Udi’s
  • 1/4-1/2 avocado
  • 2 slices of organic turkey breast
  • 1 piece of lettuce
  • tomatoes – optional


Mash up avocado and spread on one side of both pieces of bread. Season with salt + pepper.

Place turkey on top of the avocado, then the lettuce. If using tomato, place on top of the lettuce. Top with the second piece of bread, avocado side down. Cut in half and enjoy!


*gluten-free *dairy-free – depending on bread choice


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  • http://www.bakeyourday.net/ Cassie | Bake Your Day

    I will eat any sandwich whit fresh avocado on it. Looks amazing, Lisa!

  • Bev @ Bev Cooks

    ANYYYYYYTHING with avocado, baybaaaay.

  • shelly (cookies and cups)

    This sandwich. Seriously.

  • azestybite

    I love it! I’ve been eating the exact same thing except without the lettuce! Super easy and quick is what I am looking for!

  • http://twitter.com/MyFoodThoughts Brian Samuels

    I’ve been on an avocado kick as well recently. I mean, avocados really are the best, right? I think it’s something to get obsessed about.

  • Jennifer

    That looks perfect for a Monday lunch to keep the spirits up for the week!

  • http://twitter.com/RavingFashion RavingFashionista

    Well, if I wasn’t hungry before, now I definitely am!

  • Jackie FoodWineFashion

    This looks delish. I should be trying to cut down on my cheese intake but I love it so much 🙂 This avocado spread will help the cause though!

  • OLGA

    Very healthy and fantastic idea.

  • http://www.aidamollenkamp.com Aida Mollenkamp

    I agree that avocado fat help curb my cravings for dairy – glad to hear I’m not alone!

  • jana

    I recently discovered your blog, and as a gfree pregnant mother of a toddler, I am so thankful for your site! I’m in the thick of the 1st trimester and absolutely nothing sounds good to eat. Except an avocado sandwich! I’ve been living on chicken and avocado sandwiches for the past week (sadly, deli meat is off the table for me right now). Thanks so much for sharing your story and your recipe innovations 🙂

  • Anne Marie

    I am new to the gluten free bread but I also use Udi’s. Silly question but since it’s frozen do you let it thaw and then eat it like regular bread? I’ve only toasted it straight from the freezer. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to eat soft like regular bread.

  • WithStyleGrace

    not silly at all! I buy them it from the freezer and then store in the fridge. my mom keeps hers in the freezer all the time and when I toast it, it seems to toast just fine. hope that helps!