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Taking a break from the food and talking parties. Tis the season… Here are my 5 tips for holiday entertaining.


TIP 1: Keep it Simple

I love Caitlin‘s rustic, but elegant approach to her table design. It’s simple. The florals aren’t too high, allowing guests to see one another. Candles varied in height, both small and tall. Layered place setting, with the beautiful touch of monogramed napkins. The touch of holidays in the ornaments placed on the table and the touch of red in the flower arrangement. It’s perfection!

View the full feature HERE.




TIP 2: Candles

You really can’t have enough candles, trust me. Emily Henderson, featured on the Glitter Guide shares her entertaining spread and it’s TO DIE FOR. I particularly love this display with all the candles. Lighting is key in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

View the full feature HERE. I want to recreate that present “tree”!


TIP 3: Depth

If you’re doing buffet style, meal or heavy appetizers, add depth by using cake plates and a thick board. DIY Tip – flip over a bowl and place a plate on top. I believe that’s what she did in the back left corner.



TIP 4: Bar Setup

Setup the bar away from the food. This helps to avoid one big cluster of people. Camille is THE party expert and creates some of the most brilliant parties around. Back to the bar cart… It’s also nice to have a signature cocktail or leave a variety of alcohol and mixes so people can make their own drink. No need to play hostess and bartender.

View the full feature HERE.



TIP 5: Centerpiece 

I’m in love with Erin’s rustic approach to her table design. Clearly you don’t need to go overboard on flowers, but with natural twigs [do they have a name?], real fruit and an arrangement of candles, you can create the perfect centerpiece. I also like how the twigs are used as the floral arrangement and also as the name “card”.

View the full feature HERE.


The BIG Tip: all this can be setup the night before!


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  • http://twitter.com/amandaformaro Amanda Formaro

    Great ideas! Decorating the table has never really been my strong suit 🙂

  • ChanningintheCity

    Lovely ideas! I really want to set up a bar cart for my next gathering, I just need the cart lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/camille.styles.7 Camille Styles

    Thanks for the sweet feature m’dear – lovely tips! xoxo

  • Kate

    I like to do as much as I can the night before and all of this fits the bill. Thanks for the tips!