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It’s TIME!!!!!!!!!



This is crazy to think, but this is my last post before I meet this little man!

Assuming I don’t go into labor naturally in the night, I will be checking into the hospital tomorrow morning [November 8th] at 7:30 am.

Going through with this appointment was not easy for me. I believe every baby will come when they’re ready and wanted everything to happen naturally. However, in conversation with my doctor and based on the safety of this baby, I’ve agreed to keep the appointment. I’ve had to do some work, but I’ve shifted my pictures and now confident I will make this a beautiful experience, no matter what happens.

Now, for the blog. I have THE most amazing friends [who also happen to be well known bloggers] who’ve created some incredible gluten-free recipes that I’ll be sharing weekly over the next month or so. I can’t wait for you to see what they’ve all created!

If you want baby updates and a ridiculous amount of baby photos, follow With Style and Grace Baby [2]. That’s where I plan to be posting.

I’m pretty sure instagram will be the first place I introduce our little guy to the world. If you’re not following me, you can follow me HERE [3].


Alright, here we go, g’night everyone!

Ha, who am I kidding. I’m not going to sleep.


*Please don’t share anything negative [birthing stories, experiences or opinons about induction]. Everyone is different. Thank you!


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