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We’re quickly approaching the Holiday season that’s filled with cookies, pies, heavy meals, snacking and lots of alcohol. It would be nice not to have that all land on your thighs or belly, correct?


Beginning right now until November 2nd, when you sign up, you’ll get one 1:1 session FREE! A 1:1 session runs at $225, so that’s a great deal!  Therefore, you better not wait. Buy now!

If you’re interested, either sign via PayPal on the left side on the blog or email my health coaching partner, Lacy Young – lacylike [at] gmail [dot] com.

Dates: 11/7, 11/21, 12/5, 12/19, 1/2, 1/16

Time: Wednesday at 6:00-7:00pm PST

Since I’m expecting to deliver [a child] any day now, it’s probably best all communications go through Lacy for now. I will be on most calls, except for the beginning.

Lacy is the expert [& certified] health coach who has transformed many lives. She’s brilliant, has the biggest heart and practices what she preaches. I specialize in the food department. I help translate the learnings to fit your lifestyle, provide recipes, and will also share fun cooking videos. Lastly, if there’s anyone who’s gluten-free or looking to go gluten-free, I’ll take extra good care of you.



This is for anyone who. . .

  • is a woman
  • wants to lose weight
  • overwhelmed by all the contradictory diets out there
  • tired all the time or doesn’t like the way they look
  • ready to change their relationship with food


How it works

In 3 months you will learn the Foundations of Food and receive the tools and support to change your relationship with food.  The process is gentle and supportive.  We help you to find what foods work best to achieve your goals and support your body. The groups are small and you can share as much or as little as you’d like, but the hour is mainly lacy & I leading the course.

In addition, you’ll also receive a 1:1 coaching from Lacy or Lisa.

NEW: Virtual cooking classes with Lisa <—me!!


What’s the time involved?

We talk every other week <6 weeks total> from 6pm-7pm PST. That’s one hour, that’s it!

All calls are recorded so if you miss, you can catch up at your convenience.


Special Offer!

Again, sign up between NOW and Friday November 2nd <12pm PST>, and receive one 1:1 session for FREE!



Thank you for walking with me and the rest of this group down this path. I have learned more from you and Lisa in the last few weeks than in all my previous years. I feel like I have a whole new world of food– primary and secondary – to explore and I am enjoying it. I do not feel a sense of deprivation, only education. I believe whole heartedly that coaching is a better investment of my time, money and efforts than anything I’ve done previously (and you name it, I’ve thrown money at it in the name of losing weight!) – Summer

I’m reminded that even the smallest achievement should be celebrated. I have lost 13 pounds since I started the coaching and my boyfriend has lost over 20! I’m feeling healthy and it hasn’t been too much of a sacrifice for either of us. Thank you for all your support and guidance. I finally feel like I’m starting to figure this thing out! – Amanda

When I began working with Lacy and Lisa six months ago, I didn’t know exactly what I needed, I just knew what I was doing wasn’t working anymore. I felt stuck, stagnant, dependent on my old patterns and habits that were doing me more harm than good. We started our group experience making small, accessible dietary adjustments, always with the understanding of why we were making them, and gradually took on greater challenges together. – Anne


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  • Alison Lewis

    congrats on all of this Lisa! hope you’re doing well!!