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And to think I was big here… ha!

I’m now 21 weeks, a little late getting this up, I know and now twice the size – recent photo here.

What am I eating now?

  • Tomato & Mozzarella Panini or Toasted Turkey Sandwiches <minus nitrates>, Gluten-free
  • Fries and Vanilla Milkshakes
  • Cheese + GF Crackers
  • Greek yogurt with gf granola
  • Iced tea, continued.


note: all my cravings seem to change weekly.

also note: we’re still unpacking our kitchen so we’ve been living off Whole Foods, New Seasons & Burgerville.


Energy level

With the move, unpacking, traveling & not sleeping well, my energy is a bit low and require daily naps.


Struggling with

  • Joint pain in my ankles & twitching in my legs.
  • Not being able to eat all the foods I know are good for me. I’ve tried, I gag.
  • Putting on a bra every day. Pains me to think what they’re going to be like at 40 weeks. Yes, I’ve heard, no need to remind me.


Kinda diggin’

  • All the movement and <gentle> kicks every time I sit down
  • The immediate connection with other moms or pregnant women in passing
  • Knowing this little GUY will be in my arms in just 19 weeks <writing this at 21 wks>



Previous baby bumps:

A HUGE thanks to Gem Photo for the beautiful documentation! She was so incredibly kind to offer her time and photograph my progression. Makes me sad that this was our last shoot before my big move to Portland. Much love to you!


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  • Averie Cooks

    absolutely stunningly gorgeous!!! 🙂

  • Emma

    You look adorable! 

  • Maria

    You look FAB-like always:) And I want to steal that necklace:) LOVE! Glad you are doing well. Wish we were closer to help you unpack! Miss you guys! xoxo 

  • Heather

    you’re such a beautiful mama! 

    one thing that helped me (and i *think* you said that you were doing this anyway…?) was prenatal yoga.  just forcing myself to move and stretch and doing it in an environment with so many other pregnant women was rejuvenating and made pregnancy a lot easier!  that plus just taking an hour walk every day.  i’d hate it in the beginning, but at the end i was always glad i went.

    and for the bra part?  yeah, i never really saw my boobs grow during pregnancy, but after with the breastfeeding?  WHOA.  

  • Cassie @ Bake Your Day

    You are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us! 

  • Bev Weidner

    You’re the beeeeeest!

  • Branappetit

    such sweet pictures!

  • Nic {@NicHance}

    You look beautiful, both then and now! And I’m pretty sure “Fries in Frosty” is a pregnancy requirement. Enjoy every second; as much as you will love holding your son in your arms, pregnancy is such a special time. 🙂

  • Christie@EyesOnSparrow

    You’re absolutely glowing and So beautiful!

  • Not Just A Mommy!

    Look how cute you are with your baby bump!

  • Heidi

    look stunning! Very happy for you. You are going to learn what love means in a whole new way. So excited for you!

  • Savvy in San Francisco

    You look beautiful in these pictures!! Isn’t it funny how you can instantly start talking to other mothers or pregnant women. Instant connection! Wait till you have the little guy here! XX

  • Katie


  • Ali

    aww – YAY! I am just visiting your blog for the first time in a while – Congrats!!! I’ve been bad about blogging myself or reading others as I am also preggo! I’m 23 weeks 🙂 We must be close with our due dates… Not blogging about it though — we’re also having a Boy and due in October… Your pregnancy food sounds a lot like mine – been eating lots of GF bread, greek yogurt & fruit – been craving any & all dairy.

    you look fab! enjoy your pregnancy! i’m also loving the kicks – getting kicked right now actually….

  • lacy

    the one with your hair blowing is perfection!

  • Liz Tesar

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Josie

    Oh I miss baby bump pictures! Enjoy your daily naps, I never knew how fabulous sleep was until it got disturbed by my little miss. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh I’m so happy you like the bump photos! I know, I’m overdue. we don’t have a full length mirror [or a photographer] at our new place – hopefully I’ll find one or the other soon 🙂