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I couldn’t have asked for a better city to attend BlogHer Food at! Not only is it a place I call home, but the weather was perfect, for Seattle.

I didn’t have my big camera with me, so I apologize, all the photos below are taken with my iphone, except when noted otherwise.

This is the incredible view from Heather Christo’s GORGEOUS home, where we party hopped to one of the nights. She’s lucky I didn’t take one of her kids home with me, especially after her youngest said in her sweet voice, “you have something in your tummy!” I just about died. It’s a good thing there really was something is my tummy…


Photo credit: Bev from Bev Cooks

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE these women!

We all met for dinner on Thursday at Sitka + Spruce, a Seattle MUST! Going around the table from left to right is Jenna from Eat Live RunJessica from How Sweet It Is, Heather Christo, ME, Betsy who runs the Tasty Kitchen, and Bev from Bev Cooks. These are friendships I hope last a really really long time.

The six of us practically spent the entire weekend together. By the end, it felt like a small family.



Good people. Good food + drinks. Good conversations. That’s what it’s all about.



I just adore these two! Again, that’s Betsy and Bev.


Photo credit: Amanda from Kevin & Amanda

Friday night I was fortunate to join the Tasty Kitchen event, hosted by Betsy and Ree.

Left to right: Bev at Bev Cooks, ME, Amanda at Kevin & Amanda, Jessica at How Sweet It Is, & Tracy at Shutterbean.

In front: Maria at Two Peas and Their Pod and Jenny at Picky Palate.


Photo credit: Amanda from Kevin & Amanda

More [and some of the same] beautiful women from the Tasty Kitchen event!

Left to Right: Jenna at Eat Live Run, Maria at Two Peas and Their Pod, Jenny at Picky Palate, Amanda at Kevin & Amanda, Elise at Simply Recipes, and Bev at Bev Cooks.



The two pregnant women in stripes, miss Jenny and myself. You’d think I was further along in this photo. Nope. It’s the boobs, they make everything look big.

Then these two beautiful women, also sisters, Betsy and Ree. Yes, Ree as in the Pioneer Woman and Betsy, the woman I gushed over just above. We spent a good amount of time talking about childbirth, go figure. I mentioned my interest in a new method called HypnoBaby and now owe everyone a full report. I always like a good challenge!


The start to a delicious brunch with the roomies [Bev, Jessica, & Jenna], three Bloody Mary’s and one Virgin Mary. Cheers!



Late night, I need comfort food with the girls. I ate the entire plate of french fries and was the happiest girl in town!

You’re right, I did WAY more socializing then attending sessions at the conference. I did go to two things to support my friends and Im happy I did. Ladies, if you’re reading this, you absolutely rocked it!



This was the perfect time for an upgrade after all that activity! I slept the entire way home. I’m totally in love with the train and the fact that I can take it from Portland to Seattle at anytime and it’s SO easy!

ps. most ALL of our family and friends is in the Seattle area – it’s where we were both born, raised and went to college. It’s home.


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  • Michelle Foster

    Awe! You and the ladies look like you had an awesome time! Happy to see. I’m looking for some blogger events to attend.. any suggestions?

  • Averie Cooks

    Talking childbirth with Ree and hanging out with all those ladies who I’d love to meet one day also…so happy you had this time! I am totally & 100% kicking myself I didn’t go. Why oh why didn’t I think I’d “know” anyone when the time was happening to plan this out…next year I hope 🙂

  • Bev Weidner

    Looook at us! It’s a good thing that we text 18 hours a day or else I might wither away and DAH. 

  • Heidi

    Looks like such a fun time and you are so adorable! Love your dress and what a cute bump you have!

  • Jenny Flake

    Yay!!  Absolutely loved meeting you Lisa!  You are the cutest pregnant girl ever!  Can’t wait to see your sweet baby boy!!  xoxo

  • Wenderly

    Look at all of you lovlies! What FUN! Sooo bummed I didn’t get to go and meet you IRL. One day. One day. 

    And you look simply radiant love. 

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that someday we can meet! Any chance you can sneak over to Big Summer Potluck?? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    my goodness, looks who’s talking! absolutely adored getting to know you and hope we can reconnect after we have our boys! much love to you!

  • Anonymous

    thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, definitely plan on it next year!

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness for text!! I’m pretty sure it’s been consistent every day since 🙂

  • Ashley

    What a fabulous group of ladies!!!  Wish I could have been there. 🙂

  • Gm284

    Hypnobaby? I’ve always been curious about hypnotherapy in general – have you ever tried it?

  • Kasey

    Looks like so much fun, Lisa! I am really excited for a little trip to Seattle this summer. Really hoping I make it to Sitka & Spruce! Hope you’re feeling well lately, lady. How’s Portland treating ya?

  • Anonymous

    When will you be in Seattle?? I travel up there a lot – maybe we’ll be there the same time… Oh goodness, I LOVE Portland! Could not be happier.

  • Kasey

    End of July for a wedding! So glad to hear you love Portland! Can’t wait to hear more about it. 

  • JulieD

    Love this post! I especially love the picture of both you and Jenny…so cute!! So sad we didn’t get to spend time together in Seattle but so glad we got to spend time in Portland! 🙂 See you in August!!

  • The Healthy Apple

    Loved meeting you at BlogHer Food; hope you are feeling better and hope you had a great Father’s Day with your family.

  • Cookie and Kate

    Looks like you had the best time! I’m sad I didn’t go. I missed out on Sitka and Spruce the last time I visited Seattle, I think I need to plan a return trip so I can try it!