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I’ve never been a big apple juice fan. Although, I do like things made with apples, such as applesauce, apple pie, apples in my oatmeal, etc. … just not the juice itself.

Then, my brilliant self realized the common ingredient in all of those. . . CINNAMON. Right.

So, I added a little cinnamon to my fresh apple juice, shook it up [benefit of drinking out of a mason jar] and voila. AMAZING.

With the addition of the cinnamon, it almost felt like a treat.

ps. These are the jars I use!



Health Benefits of Apple Juice:

  • Flushes the liver and kidneys and is low in calories
  • Helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels
  • The addition of cinnamon helps reduce inflammation


Today’s 3 Tips on Juicing:

  • Keep the juice machine on the kitchen counter in the beginning [or for a while].
  • Sweeten green juices with a piece of fruit
  • Best to drink on an empty stomach and to drink slowly.

You can read more about the benefit of juicing and also the difference between juicing and blendinghere. If you’re looking to purchase a juicer, here are my recommends.

Happy juicing!




How are you all feeling after an entire week of juicing? Eager to buy a juicer? Making an extra stop at your local shop for fresh juice? If you’re totally bored with all this, I apologize. I’ll be back to posting solid foods next week. In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend!!


Apple + Cinnamon Juice

*requires a juicer


  • 3 apples, cored and cut into large pieces – small enough to fit into the juicer
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon


Turn on the juicer.

Add apple pieces, one at a time.

Pour the fresh apple juice into a glass, add cinnamon, then shake or stir. Enjoy!


Fresh juice is best consumed immediately after juicing and would recommend not going more than 3 days.

Serves two


*gluten-free *vegan





Recap of Juice Week:

Day 1: Strawberry, Apple & Lime Juice

Day 2: Carrot, Apple & Ginger Juice

Day 3: Green Refresher

Day 4: Grapefruit + Mint Juice



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  • Ginny

    Now I’m going to have to go get a juicer. All of these just look so yummy!

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  • Shannon Heart’s

    This sounds delightful.

  • Jamie Leigh

    My husband just surprised me Thursday night with a juicer and the first thing I did was log onto your blog and write down all of the recipes!  I made the green juice yesterday morning and it made me feel amazing all day long.  I love how creative and healthy all of your recipes are, we try everything you post!

  • The Dabblist

    I have a juicer in the garage and was going to get rid of it, but since I stopped drinking soda over a week ago and now seeing your awesome juice recipes, I am inspired to pull it back out and try it again.  Thanks so much!



  • Anonymous

    I can completely relate, I gave up diet soda a while ago and have never felt better! So proud of you.

  • Anonymous

    wow, major props to your husband!! so happy you’re liking the juice and thank you so much for the sweet comment! Cheers to juicing 🙂

  • Chicagolisa

    Why do you say 

    Try and avoid mixing fruit and vegetables. Exception, apples in vegetable drinks and lettuce & celery in fruit drinks.”I mix carrot into almost every juice i make.  Kale into a lot of juices too…  Any particular reason you say not to?

  • Anonymous

    For the best flavor, there are some fruits I wouldn’t suggest mixing such as strawberries, grapefruit, etc. mixed with beets, broccoli, etc. Of course this doesn’t apply to all, just a suggestion especially for those just starting to juice.

  • Loes

    Love your blog! We bought a juicer a month ago after discovering your blog and have been making juice 3 times a week 🙂