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Market Monday is BAAAAACK!!!!!

I promise I wasn’t screaming at you, just a little excited and got a bit carried away.

Or maybe it’s the cup of coffee I just drank.  at 10pm. . .  we can talk about that another time.



You guys, today is going to be big.

As in BIG hair.  No not really, but I do love big hair.

So. . . I’m spending the entire day, we’re talking close to 9 hours filing TWO videos, back to back.

You could say there’s some nerves involved.

Aside from the nerves, I’m in love with the content and the themes of both videos. I can’t give too much away now, but will share more and maybe even a sneak peek with you later.



As I pack the car with all the props and goods. I’ve tucked two mason jars of this green power smoothie ready for me to devour.

Of course the intention was to drink one there and save the other for the ride home.

We all know that won’t happen. Both will be gone, practically licked clean before I even arrive in the city.

Alright my lovely friends, have a happy day to you!





Green Power Smoothie on-the-go


  • 1 cup kale, ribs and thick stems removed
  • 1 banana, frozen
  • 1 cup coconut milk [+ 1 cup water depending on your desired consistency]
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter [0r peanut butter]
  • 1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder [or a few chocolate chips]
  • 1-2 teaspoons *Spirulina Powder
  • Stevia, honey or agave for sweetener
  • Ice


All all ingredients into the blender, cover and puree until smooth. Add more liquid or sweetener until you’ve reach your desired consistency.


Serves 1


*Spirulina: If you don’t have this or don’t want to use it, you may omit. However, it’s a great supplement to add into your diet. Health Benefits here.

*gluten-free *dairy-free

Recommend to be served/enjoyed within 24 hours.


Speaking of health. . .  ANNOUNCING Level 2, Group Health Coaching, beginning Feb 21st. You do NOT need level 1 to sign up. Level 2 is focused on deepening the relationship with self in relation to food both primary and secondary. A few of the topics we’ll be covering include: Mindful eating, love languages, Ayurveda and your body type, portion control, portion size and what is really right regarding portions, your ideals and desires and how to create the life you want. Learn more & sign up HERE

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  • Maria

    Welcome back! Have fun today! Love green smoothies!

  • Anonymous

    You’re baaack!!

  • Jenny @ BAKE

    this sounds super healthy! I’m trying to get into smoothies for a mid morning snack rather than relying on sweets though I’ve not braved into any green ones yet, only pinks and yellows!

  • Melissa

    Best smoothie ever!  I just made it, and couldnt be happier.

  • Carlene @ Carlene’s Figments

    To go breakfasts are my life right now. I could never skip breakfast and function. Your idea for to go storage is cute and logical! I put everything I need for a smoothie in the blender,in the fridge, the night before.

  • Marla Meridith

    Girl, you go on so many exciting adventures. I love all your energy & the healthy smoothie to go is a wonderful idea!

  • Caroline

    I’m always looking for new green smoothie recipes & see we have the “on the go” mason jars in common! Lately I need to prepare my smoothies in advance & freeze them to stay on track. I’ve found the Weck canning jars from Crate & Barrel very helpfull – glass & freezer safe!

  • Caroline

    Oops – helpful with one “l”- spelling edit!

  • Rachel

    I love your handwriting! 

  • Charissa

    This looks ridiculously good! I need more green in my life!

  • Hollye Jacobs, The Silver Pen

    I am recovering from surgery and had this today. Wowsy. Bowsy. It was so good and nourishing and filling. THANK YOU!
    Hollye Jacobs, The Silver Pen

  • bentley

    hi there! im looking into getting a juicer/blender. can you tell which one you use? thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    If you can, I would honestly recommend a Vitamix or Blendtec for a blender and a Breville for a juicer.

  • Nic

    Pretty much adore every ingredient in there!  Love to try it..thanks!

  • Lisalamb21

    like the  food  is  looking  really  good  that  i  like  it 
    loving it  the  tape  of food 

  • Alan Leenhouts

    I was never big on putting veggies in a smoothie I prefer to eat them. However you’re getting it in though works. The biggest thing for me is to keep sugar out of my diet.