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Introducing. . . With Style and Grace, The Gluten-free Entertainer.

ps. this is only a teaser, there’s more to come!


Created & Prepared by Lisa Thiele, With Style and Grace || Produced & Photographed by Michelle Drewes || Directed by Erin from Apartment 34

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  • Maria

    LOVE IT!! You are a rock star! 

  • Yesiwantcake

    I’m kind of in love with you.

  • Sixtwelveplace

    SO cute, Lisa!  And so many fancy tools you used…I kind of need all of them so I can host my own little soirée.  

  • Jenn

    Oooooh I am so excited for this!! 

  • Alyssa Rimmer

    I love this so much! Your dishes and food look absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see the full length version 🙂

  • Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    I have like 1,875,546 things to say about this but first of all HUGE congratulations! You totally have the personality for camera work and suffice it to say pink is YOUR color! Also I would love to see a post about all the tools you think a beginner cook needs in her kitchen. You used lots of fancy fancy and I’d love the 4-1-1! Also the avocado toast bites look like the yummiest things ever. Okay I think I’m done raving for now. But congrats and can’t wait to see more more more! xx

  • Bev Weidner


  • Kilee Johnson

    This looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what’s about to come next 🙂

  • @michelledrewes

    Lisa, you are such a natural!

  • Janelle

    Girl, you belong on the Food Network.

  • Mindy Lockard

    I have a crush on you and those pear salads. Darling.

  • Leslie Flynn

    Gorgeous!! (And so yummy looking!)  Can’t wait!

  • Will Taylor

    Lisa you are so good on film – you need a show, STAT! Plus, great score on having Erin directing. Fab team!

  • Bake Your Day

    LOVE it, Lisa. Can’t wait for more!

  • Amywinkelmann

    LISA!!! That is beautiful!!!!!  I want to eat everything there and I love the whole video so much!!   And YOU–you are STUNNING!!!!!!!!! 

  • Wishy

    Great work!! Feel like you were right here in my kitchen for 2 whole minutes… A nice idea!

  • Jen @ pretty plate

    Oh,my,God! You are my idol!! Can’t wait to see the rest! 

    : ))

  • Julie Almand

    Love this! I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  • Susan Nakata

    Great video Lisa and beautiful presentation! Next stop TV!  It is awesome you are dong the things you love! Nice job Lisa!

  • Alison Lewis

    too good! You have such Style and Grace! Love seeing you this week

  • Tori Tait

    It’s PERFECTLY you. Love it 🙂

  • Kim Wilson-Maes

    Love your video, Lisa! You are awesome (and super adorable) on camera. Cannot wait to see more of your videos. These are a great idea. 🙂

  • Melissa @ thefauxmartha

    Your presentation and hosting skillzzz are out of this world!

  • Barbara

    Love it, you are adorable, can’t wait to see more!

  • Linda Bakerhw

    Love it and you, so natural and beautiful..

  • Caryl

    Awwww…love your video!  ~Caryl

  • Jessie

    Perfection!!! Love the cameos by Jeanne and Erin, too! You rock, and I can’t WAIT to see more, mamacita!!! XO

  • Brenda

    Lovely, lovely! Beautiful job, Lisa!

  • Kristen

    Oh I love this – you are such a natural!!

  • Erin O’Leary

    Wow! I love it. Makes me want to entertain right now 🙂 You are too cute and your food looks delish. Can’t wait to see more.

  • bentley

    looks great! love the salad in a glass – so cute. looking forward to seeing more!

  • Rebecca – A Daily Something

    This is so fun, Lisa.  You’re full of so much energy, and everything looks delicious!  Can’t wait for more 🙂

  • SprinklesandAllergies

    Fabulous =) Ain’t no party like a GF party cause’….your tummy doesn’t hurt afterwards!
    <3 Bethany of Sprinkles and Allergies