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Happy dance, happy dance!!

I’m beyond excited and honored that our group health coaching series was FEATURED in the Daily Candy today!!


With all the excitement, we decided to host a GIVEAWAY and off you one FREE spot, PLUS the second winner with get 1/2 off [if they choose to accept].


Want to know more about the program?


Our method is about adding in good foods and crowding out the bad.


We don’t believe in dieting, counting calories, or depriving yourself.


We believe in providing a structure of support for what to ADD in to create a healthy lifestyle!


We cover everything from the fundamentals, to how to grocery shop to preparing meals for you AND the family, to cravings.  It’s more than what goes in your mouth, it’s about learning to listen to your body and feeding it what it needs.


Each women is sent a support box, filled with healthy products, thanks to our amazing sponsors. Along with the education and support, comes a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that can be customized to your lifestyle and dietary needs. We have gluten-free expert on board who adds additional support to those with allergies or who are new to the lifestyle change.

Sessions are held over the phone so women can join to conversation from any location. Group coaching offers the benefit of community support.


The results from our previous course have been life changing .


I believe whole heartedly that coaching is a better investment of my time, money and efforts than anything I’ve done previously (and you name it, I’ve thrown money at it in the name of losing weight!)”

– Testimonial, Summer from Texas



To enter a chance to win one FREE spot by just leaving a comment and the winner will be chosen Sunday at 12 PM PST and announced the following day.

BONUS. We’ll be choosing a SECOND winner and offering the course 1/2 off [for $149.50] – if declined, we’ll go down the list until we get a taker.

For additional entries you may do 1 or all the following & leave a comment for each

Good Luck!

This giveaway/ discount offer is good for the Level 1 session beginning January 25th only.


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  • Anonymous

    YAY!! you WON the 1/2 off option!! Your email isn’t showing up so if you could shoot me an email, we can discuss the details!

  • Anonymous

    The second place option was drawn again [for 1/2 off] and your name was chosen! Can you email me

  • Christina

    I’d love a chance to join your group! I’m down 10 pounds since Christmas (yeah!), but now is the easy time for me. I travel extensively during the summer, living out of hotels and eating out every meal for days on end. It’s hard to maintain any semblance of a healthy lifestyle during that time. I’d love advice!