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Introducing our next group health coaching series, “New Year, New YOU”!


It’s not about what you can’t eat, counting what you do eat, or having to go to bed hungry.


It’s about adding in new foods, experimenting and learning how to listen to your body.  If you want popcorn and wine for dinner, but by all means you can have your popcorn and wine.


In a small group setting, you’ll be learning from the other women [women only], receive additional support and have a community to help hold you accountable.


These women are are there, like you because they’re committed to changing their relationship with food.


It’s gentle.


There’s around the clock support via email, private community page, email, and phone.


All sessions are over the phone for one hour and scheduled for every two weeks.


Meet Lacy. She will act as your guide as you explore what foods are right for you through the concept of bio-individuality; one man’s food is another mans poison.  Over the three months you’ll be making step-by-step changes that lead to a lasting and transformed relationship with food.  Lacy will introduce the concept of Primary Food which is comprised of your relationships, your career, your level of activity, your spirituality.  As a group you’ll have assignments and food experiments based on the topic from the call.


Meet Lisa [me]: I will be supporting you with a collection of recipes based on what you learn on each call. I will educate you on gluten and introduce you to new foods and recipes that support a gluten-free lifestyle. Depending on ones lifestyle, I’m here to provide specific recipes and help adapt meals – including family dinners, eating on the road or your desk, to cooking for one, etc


You will have email access to both Lacy and I throughout the program.  Each group has it’s own Facebook page to interact with Lacy, Lisa and fellow group members.  We share recipes, thoughts, encouragement and so much more on the Facebook page.

Join us and build a solid foundation to forever transform your relationship with food!


Calls are every other week for 1-HOUR & all sessions are done over the phone.


Why another series?


Our first series was sold out and we’re three calls in and the results are already HUGE. Too huge to not continue rolling out the courses. We’ll be sharing testimonials over the next few weeks.


Excited to announce our new sponsors of the support boxes Bob’s Redmill & Glow Gluten-free!


Ways to save:

  • Sign up BY December 30th and SAVE $50
  • Refer a friend and SAVE $25

*gift certificates available upon requests


New Year, New You Group Health Coaching

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  • Maria

    Yay! Glad the first session was a success! Love what you are doing!