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You make muffins.

. . . and then you eat them.

Simple as that.


These muffins were made with the leftover batter from my gluten-free zucchini bread, but you could also make muffins from my gluten-free pumpkin pistachio bread recipe as well. Cake batter = cupcakes.

Throw [not literally] into your kids lunches, great breakfast on the go, or wrap up & gift to your neighbor. so many options, I tell ya.

No need to waste perfectly good batter, guys.


[Photographed by Lisa Thiele | With Style and Grace]

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  • http://fashiontruffles.blogspot.com Viviana

    Not sure how I got to your blog, but I’m now following 🙂


  • http://www.bevcooks.com Bev Weidner

    Um, I love those photos. Why don’t we live next door so we can play and shoot and eat and …well, DRINK all day?

    Why again?

  • http://www.talesofanhbswife.com Megan

    LOVE this idea! I always have a little leftover and feel so bad throwing it out – thanks for the idea (and adorable wrappers!).

  • http://www.ridgelysradar.com Ridgely’s Radar

    Great idea! I hate throwing out extra batter!