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Introducing, the star of the party…

I know, I know, I’m sure you’re a star too, but… no. sorry.

Three words: Vodka. Infused. Tomatoes. Works interchangeably with, I love you.

I realized this is the second post in a week that I’ve combined alcohol with a fruit [Riesling + Strawberries]. I either just went up in your ranking or I have your significant other concerned because the non-drinker [you] just bought a bottle of Riesling and a fifth of Vodka in one week. Blame it on me, say it’s for Lisa.

I feel it’s rather appropriate to serve these vodka infused cherry tomatoes in a martini glass [or a shot glass]. Right? I like to line up the dipping salts and toothpicks alongside that way it’s easy for the guests to understand the process. If it’s a casual cocktail party, I’ll setup a little chalkboard that says, “Vodka Infused Cherry Tomatoes with Dipping Salts”.

For those who are concerned with the strength of alcohol in these little guys, not to worry. Your guests will not be getting drunk, off these at least.

The vodka gives the tomatoes a nice subtle flavor, but certainly not an overwhelming alcohol taste. If you think about it, tomatoes are made mostly of water, therefore they can’t retain much of the alcohol. Now, the rest of you who want more of a kick, drink [or serve] a martini.

Here I have a plain sea salt, rose salt and black truffle salt [a favorite]. Get creative and have fun, there are so many gourmet salts to chose from [check specialty shops, markets, etc.]

Now dip.

psst. Refrain from double dipping [at a party].

I’m sure this won’t be the case, but IF you have leftover tomatoes, they make a killer red sauce [served with pasta]. Just you wait, recipe coming soon…

That’s me, theΒ  “Gluten-free Entertaining Expert” sharing my tips, tricks and recipes for entertaining gluten-free at last weekend’s Wifestyle Conference in New York City. This lucky crowd got to taste this amazing recipe & have been waiting [some more patiently than others]Β  for my “top secret” recipe.

Special thanks to Van Gogh Vodka for all the booze and Gourmet Delights for the truffle salts. I have a bottle of coconut vodka here and I cannot wait to share my next “infused” creation with you!


Vodka Infused Cherry Tomatoes with Dipping Salt

[Inspired by Perfect Pair Catering]

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  • 2 cups Cherry or Grape Tomatoes
  • 2 cups *Vodka
  • pinch of sugar
  • Variety of gourmet salts

Toothpicks for serving


Using a thin sharp skewer, simply poke the tomatoes, best through the bottom.

In a medium container with a fitted lid, add the tomatoes, vodka, & a pinch of sugar and carefully toss together. You may need to add more vodka to make sure all the tomatoes are covered. If not, be sure to toss occasionally.

Seal the container and place in the refrigerator and let marinate for 24 hours.

When ready to serve, drain and place the tomatoes in a martini glass or individual shot glasses.

Place toothpicks and a variety of salts out where the tomatoes are being served. Instruct the guests that they may dip the tomatoes into the selection of salts.


Recommended use for discarded Vodka = Bloody Mary’s

*Most Vodka is gluten-free, but you may want to confirm with distributor


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  • Bev Weidner


    or shouting. whatevs.

  • Jessica

    What a fabulous idea. I love vodka period so pretty excited about this one! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • Rebecca – A Daily Something

    These are incredible, Lisa! Cannot wait to make them for my next party! πŸ™‚

    P.S. You’re so pretty!

  • naomi


  • Coryanne Ettiene

    You were a rock star expert on Saturday Lisa! We loved having you and I know everyone has been talking about your fab gluten free ideas. Lovely post & recipe, thanks for sharing. Coryanne

  • Heather @ The Wisch List

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this post (and on my birthday no less)! Thanks for sharing this and your other fantastic musings. Absolutely love your blog.

  • Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    Brilliant! Must try this immediately.

  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    I was a huge fan of these at Wifestyle, will definitely be serving at my next party!

  • Melissa @ thefauxmartha

    Excited for the red sauce recipe! And don’t you look so cute!

  • kimberlyloc

    Going to have to make these…and bring them to work for a (secretly boozy) snack πŸ™‚

  • sewa mobil jakarta

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • The Antiques Diva

    What I’ll be serving as an hor d’oeurve at my dinner party next week!

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  • Susie

    Found this recipe via Twitter friends. Can’t wait to try!

  • Pringlicious

    I’ve made these with Pepper Vodka and rolled in spicy season salt- voila…a bloody mary burst in your mouth- yum!