12 minute: Veggie Burger Lettuce Wrap Print Recipe Print Recipe

Step 1: Lettuce cup

Step 2: Heated Sonoma veggie burger on lettuce cup

Step 3: Spread mustard on veggie patty

Step 4: Sliced tomato. Sprinkle with salt + pepper

Step 5: Sliced white or sweet onion

Step 6: Best part, avocado. and please, feel free to add more…

Step 7: Take a bite and enjoy!


Let me introduce you to my 12 minute dinner. It’s fabulous.

When I don’t feel like cooking or I need something quick, this is one of my go-to options. Now, I don’t eat a lot, if any frozen food, except Amy’s Sonoma Veggie Burger – it’s the only one that is gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. I’m not allergic to soy, just sensitive and I swear everything has soy in it.

I’ve made my own veggie burgers in the past, but for the every day, in a hurry, there’s always a box or two of these Sonoma Burgers in the freezer.

So, what’s everyone doing this labor day weekend? Baking or cooking anything fun? I’ll be hanging around here with my husband who has Sunday-Monday off [two days, woohoo!] – we plan to go for walks/hike, BBQ, recipe test and just be open to whatever may open up.

In case you needed a little cooking inspiration for this holiday weekend, here ya’ go!

Labor day appetizers [the best, ever guacamole], gluten-free picnic recipes, pulled BBQ chicken pizza, Red Velvet Sheet Cake and last but not least, for brunch how about these Lemon Raspberry breakfast rolls. . .


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  • http://www.bevcooks.com Bev Weidner

    Step 8. Stick a rose in your mouth and tango with that baby til there’s no tomorrow.

  • Angie

    I wish more restaurants would make veggie burgers like these! Looks tasty, can’t wait to dive into one this weekend!

  • http://www.365daysofbaking.blogspot.com Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

    Your pictures are amazing! I’ve never had a fondness for veggie burgers, but those pictures are making me think twice.

  • http://www.familyfreshcooking.com/ marla

    Lisa, can I tell you how much i LOVE this post. Well photographed & laid out my friend 🙂 I would love if you added this and any other links to my “Happy Post” today. http://su.pr/1bZ8fp

  • http://BakerbyNature.com Ashley@BakerbyNature

    This looks awesome, and totally fits in my “carb free” days.

  • http://www.voresstoredag.dk bryllupsfotograf

    This looks great!! Youre pics is simply great

  • http://www.hjrcherryblossoms.blogspot.com Heidi

    My husband and I grilled last night and we had avocado on our burgers. Not sure why we haven’t do that before as it was really good!

  • http://www.topholidayrecipes.com/index.html topholidayrecipes

    This lettuce wrap veggie burger is so easy to make. I love vegetarian meals. I didnt use the same exact veggie burger specified in this recipe, i only had veggie chicken burger patties, so i used them instead.

  • http://www.wineharlots.com Wine Harlots

    Loved the time-lapse photos.
    Perfect to pair with your favorite micro-brew beer.


    Nannette Eaton

  • Jill

    I loooooove these. I added a mustard/horseradish sauce. I could eat this every day. Filling AND healthy!!

  • http://kelliryder.blogspot.com Kelli

    Lisa! My roommate and I have been pouring over your blog all day. We are going to try this recipe this week. YUM!