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I’ve spent the past two days in bed, with the stomach flu.

It’s a little ironic that the night before my husband was “lecturing” me about taking days off. I barely settled for one day, giving him the “yeah. sure, I’ll take a day off. we’ll see”. There I was the next morning running for the bathroom. I didn’t have a choice, there was no getting up. all. day. long. 48 hours later and I’m just now able to handle my computer screen. The only thing I’ve been able to eat is peanut butter toast, gluten-free. My mom use to make it for me anytime I had the flu or an upset stomach and to this day, it still does the trick.

Speaking of Peanut butter. . .

Friday was a big day in the food/online/blogging community. Jennifer Perillo lost her husband to a sudden heart attack a week ago this Sunday. In honor of her husband, she suggested making a Peanut Butter Pie, Mikey’s favorite, and sharing it with loved ones. Over a 1,000 people made a Peanut Butter Pie. Incredible!

This video created by White on Rice truly captures the love and compassion that we all saw and felt on Friday. For the list of all the Peanut Butter Pies, you can find here on the Food Network.

So today, Monday, I will be taking the day off and spending it with my husband.

Hope today brings you nothing but great joy and laughter.

ps. my favorite kind of peanut butter [or almond butter] is the you-press-it kind [I don’t know the official name] at Whole Foods or other natural markets.

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  • Bev Weidner

    Such a wonderful movement to witness and be a part of, for sure!

    I hope you start to feel better! That toast needs to be in my belly, right now.

  • Amanda

    Oh girl! You are such a sweet, thoughtful soul. I hope you feel better… back to 100% soon! 🙂

  • Ashley

    peanut butter toast can cure all 🙂 Feel better soon!

  • allison

    I didn’t realize that peanut-butter toast is a comfort food for me until I read your post! So true. Brings back memories of growing up. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Brian @ A Thought For Food

    I’m so sorry that you haven’t been feeling well, darling. Please rest up. 🙁