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You: “Of course we can host the next cocktail party!” That was your pretend excited voice.

When what you really you’re thinking… “Shoot me. There is no way I’m cooking in this 90 degree weather”

Don’t panic and go running for the prepared foods counter. Be strong, you can do this.

These tomato and mozzarella skewers are 1. super easy, 2. healthy, and 3. Require no cooking! These are one of my husband’s favorites, although he prefers a large chunk of cheese and a chunk of salami in the middle of his. My version, since I can’t eat cheese, is cherry tomatoes, kalamata olive and cucumber, sliced and quartered – mock version of a Greek salad, but on a stick.

Another option in addition to the tomato skewers – Prepare this chickpea salad and serve in individual mason jars. Again, no hot oven or stove is required.

Don’t forget about the cocktails. I mean, it’s a cocktail party after all, no? This Sangria recipe is always a favorite can be made in large servings and prepared in advance.

For dessert, you can [& should] make THESE. No oven required AND they’re healthier healthy.

Looking for more outdoor entertaining inspiration? How about THIS?

Happy Entertaining!

Tomato Basil and Mozzarella Skewers

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  • Cherry [or grape] tomatoes – any color, halved
  • Mozzarella balls, cut into slices – I cut both thick & thin
  • Fresh basil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sea salt, to taste
  • Toothpicks
  • Ceramic ramekins


Skewer one tomato half, cut side up. Stack the thin slice of mozzarella, followed by a sprig of fresh basil and then topped with the other tomato half, cut side down – forming a tomatoes mozzarella & basil “sandwich”.

If you have individual dishes, add about 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil – more or less depending on the size of dish. Rest the tomato skewers on top.

You can also serve these on a plate and drizzle the olive oil and balsamic directly over the tomato skewers.

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  • http://www.bevcooks.com Bev Weidner


    I have a dinner party to host tomorrow night, and a tonnnn of garden grape tomatoes and basil on my hands. Perfect!

  • http://www.chickabug.com Heather – Chickabug

    I’m a sucker for tiny white dishes – it’s a beautiful touch to have each skewer in its own dish!

  • http://nutritonfor.us claire

    Capreses are my favorite. Yes, I just used that as a noun. OMG. Love this idea. I would probably eat about 12,000 of them though, so don’t invite me over to your party. I’ll be that person stuffing their face with all the apps!

  • Whitney

    These are adoreable. Love the idea! {ps. your photography skills are seriously amazing!}

  • http://ingredientsinc.net Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

    super cute! Love these!

  • http://www.atxglutenfree.com/ Jessica

    Adorable! I love making these, and normally make them larger but I like your petite version. 🙂

  • http://www.ridgelysradar.com Ridgely’s Radar

    What a great idea! Cute way to mix up the caprese salad!

  • http://www.oneapron.com Jenelle

    I read your post as I was looking out the window dreading going out in that heat. I am pretty sure I can see those wavy heat lines cartoons use! These are beautiful and look amazingly delicious! Love your website and I visit it often.

  • http://www.kimberlyloc.com/ kimberlyloc

    Such a simple yet chic appetizer! Love caprese anything 🙂


  • http://www.healthyeatingforordinarypeople.com rivki

    What a lovely entertaining dish. Simple, elegant, and COOL!

  • http://flutterflutter.ca/ Rosa @ flutterflutter

    Oh!! I’ll be making these for my hubby’s upcoming b-day party! Thanks!

  • http://www.theurbanbaker susan

    these photos are so pretty. and what better way to eat caprese then on a stick?!

  • http://www.shopsweetthings.com Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne

    How funny, i just did that for a dinner party not too long ago… i did it on a skewer stick but thought it would’ve been better on a toothpick. I love how you set each one on their own little dish! great photos!

  • http://www.honeybeeinvites.com Allie

    I love caprese salads and these are just too adorable to NOT make for a party!! OMG! Love! And I have to ask where did those cute little serving sample dishes come from?! Love!

  • http://www.fuzzfreefood.blogspot.com Lilly

    Lisa what a great idea!!! I love finger food and these skewers are just too cute. I would totally go for your cheese free version!

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  • http://www.athoughtforfood.net Brian @ A Thought For Food

    What a wonderful and simple recipe!

  • jen

    made these last night – huge hit! thanks 🙂

  • Ddaugherty2004

    really look good