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Twenty juices. Three days. Six juice a day + two “shred” juices that support workouts. I survived (& liked) the Ritual Cleanse!

I’m not a cleanse girl. I’ve attempted various cleanses in the past and usually end up quitting. I like food too much. However, a few weeks back, prior to receiving the Ritual Cleanse, I decided to adjust my diet (no caffeine, no diet soda, no splenda/sugar – lots of vegetables & green juices). My intention was to help clear up my skin, get me to drink more water, reduce my sugar cravings & crashes (damn baking) and help with my stomach pains. It took about 7 days before the headaches went away. That would be the 4 cups of coffee I was drinking. a day.

Needless to say my “diet” was the perfect transition into the Ritual Cleanse.

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with just how much I enjoyed it and, I wasn’t even grumpy! That’s a very common side affect when I don’t eat…

I had a hard time with all the cayenne in this so I decided to blend it, with a lot of ice. MUCH better!

The first day I drank all six juices before 5 pm. I was starving and they were tasting amazing, I couldn’t help it. What did I do? I hid in the bedroom to avoid the kitchen.

It got better after that.

Day three, I went for a run, thanks to the two additional “shred” drinks. Felt great!

Craving. this. right. now.

My husband wasn’t on the cleanse bandwagon, until now. 1) He didn’t have a grumpy wife. 2) He still had his workout partner and 3) liked that there’s such a cleanse with nutrients (vs. the “Master/Lemonade Cleanse”) – bonus!

Overall, where I am today –

  • Still no caffeine and I’m alive. It’s a miracle.
  • Craving vegetables, not sugar, for once.
  • Skin is finally clearing up.
  • Getting my energy back – also started on new supplements (1 week ago).
  • Stomach is feeling calm – that’s a really good thing.

Tips to surviving a cleanse:

  • Drink lots of water and {warm} herbal tea.
  • Go for walks, you’ll feel better. trust me.
  • Take a nap or two & go to bed early – I got the best sleep in those three days!
  • If you’re struggling, blend with’s like a slushy.
  • Remember why your doing it – stay strong!

Are you a “cleanser”? I used quotes because I don’t know if that’s a real word, besides what you wash your face with. I’d love to hear what some of your favorites cleanses are. If you’re new to cleansing, I recommend doing your research before, talk to people (I can vouch for Ritual Cleanse!) and make sure it’s the right support for you. Also, if you can do it with someone else, that always helps. Good luck!

{Photography by With Style and Grace}

*Disclaimer: Ritual Cleanse provided the juices. This is all my opinion based off my experience, I was not paid to write this.

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  • Eat Drink Pretty

    Super interesting. I would totally consider doing this (it seems kinda spendy, though).

    Did you lose weight as well??? Not that you needed to!

  • Jillian Keefe

    Oh my goodness! This actually looks good! I may have to give it a try since I have been on the hunt for the perfect green drink/ cleanse. Thank you!!!

  • Melissa @ thefauxmartha

    Once again, you have inspired me! Now if I could turn that inspiration into action.

  • Claire

    I really want to try this and this is REALLY good news that it’s an actual good cleanse!

  • katy

    but at least you got to drink it from a mason jar with a super cute straw?

    i am so bummed about monday. even though we left early, we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the 5 for 4 hours. 🙁

  • jaime

    i’ve wanted to try a cleanse and was considering ritual. i think i’d be grumpy but mostly i can’t afford the $400 or so. i’m going to bookmark this post though- thanks!

  • Christina

    Very interesting to get someone’s firsthand experience. I’ve often considered doing cleanses, but I have so many of my own stomach problems that I’m never sure if it would be wise to try or not.

  • Lily Lemontree (AS)

    I have never tried a cleanse before but I think you have sold me on this one! Clicking on the link asap! 🙂

  • Ridgely’s Radar

    I am impressed! I dont think I could do it. You make it sound possible and the benefits out weigh 3 days of drinking your food. Thanks for scoop

  • NIkki

    Wow, I’m really impressed by this. I always thought there was no way I could have done this but maybe I could…if I didn’t have to go to work for those three days. What dessert will you have first??

  • Delia

    Iwould definitely want to give this a try because I need to loose lots of weight. I checked it out and they’re too pricey for me….. I hope they cvan offer some type of deals in the near fututre:)

  • Erin

    you’re making me want to do the cleanse again!

  • Kelly

    This is great! I’m doing a DIY cleanse – making juices from vegetables and fruits. So far, it’s great! Yours are probably a little more tasty with agave, I’m getting by with cinnamon right now, haha.

    I’ve been looking into purchased cleanses – Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashlae

    I looked into this a few months ago, but couldn’t wrap my mind around the price tag. So, I made very similar juices at home with my Vitamix. Cleansed for 5 days and didn’t spend more than $100. Granted, some of my juices didn’t taste all that great, but I didn’t add agave to any of them. The verdict? I feel great! My skin is clear and glowing and I have more energy than ever.

  • Kate

    I’m in the middle of the cleanse Gwyneth Paltrow recommends on her GOOP site…definitely tough and a little pricey to pick up all of the ingredients, but manageable. I had never done a cleanse before but it’s worth a try!