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Today, I start a 3-day cleanse (details to come) and all I can think about is cookie dough.

and these waffles.

This weekend, I plan to catch up from my busy week, meet up with girlfriends and will be recipe testing for next week’s Gluten-free Ratio Rally. Only time I dread baking – baking while cleansing. This is my punishment for waiting til the last minute, isn’t it?

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{Lisa’s Favorites | Link Love}

  • This was my last meal {before the cleanse}. It’s my favorite & SUPER easy.
  • Finally caught up on RUE | Issue 5. I want to live in between the pages.
  • New favorite food blog, A Thought For Food. I wish we were real life friends and that I could just “stop by” for dinner.
  • Joy the Baker created HomeFries. I didn’t think I could love her more. Oh but I can. It’s hilarious. Favorite episode 2: God’s Gold.
  • Burger options for Memorial Day celebration- who’s grillin’?
  • When I have kids, I hope to cook and bake with them, like her.

Have a wonderful {3 day} Memorial Day weekend! Eat some hamburgers and fries for me, k?  Thanks.

You want this don’t you? I have a batch in my freezer and I’m willing to share. You bring the wine?

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  • Jaime @ la vie…j’aime

    wow that cookie dough looks delish! i want to try a cleanse- interested to hear what you think/your experience.

  • claire

    GAH. I must try this cleanse and now all I want is cookie dough.

  • Heidi / foodiecrush

    How can you torture yourself with the cleanse and cookie dough combo? You are one strong lady. Thanks for the A Thought for Food blog, looks like a goodie. THX

  • Carrie

    yummo… that cookie dough looks to DIE for! I wish you the best of luck with your cleanse! Be strong…

  • Jennifer

    Happy long weekend to one of my favorite blogs!!!
    : )


  • Wishy

    Cleansing just isn’t for me…. but this cookie dough… that is a whole ‘nother story!

  • Savvy in San Francisco

    Now this pregnant mama needs some cookies!!!!!

  • lacy

    I love your love lists! Love you too!

  • Brian @ A Thought For Food

    Oh love… You know the feeling is mutual! You are such a sweetheart… and a very talented, thoughtful one at that!

  • maya

    the opening sentence made me laugh so hard.
    same applies to me, only i don’t do cleanse diets. i do cookie dough cleanse diets.
    just found your blog. love it.