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Lucky Charms Cereal. Classic.

I contemplated making Bailey’s Irish cream cupcakes or even a chocolate stout milk pie, but just wasn’t feeling it.

Then I thought about the savory side. I tried, really I did, but I just can’t get into the traditional (or non-traditional) St. Patrick’s Day menu.

I just googled corned beef. Maybe if I ate beef, I would have a better reaction, but no thank you.

I don’t drink beer. Unless I’m on a beach, in Mexico and someone hands me a corona, with lime, then ok.

Then after looking through all your blogs and seeing such incredible desserts & craft ideas (like this, this and this), I really couldn’t compete. Plus, did you see all these rainbow treats?! Impressive.

So, there I am in Target standing in front of a large display of Lucky Charms Cereal, on sale. SOLD. Simple, inexpensive and yet festive – in a way. I filled this little jar with the cereal, tied with a little green bow and is now hidden in my husband’s briefcase with a note saying, “Hope your day is filled with a bit of luck and a touch of charm”. Not only will he be surprised, but possibly confused since I can almost guarantee he doesn’t know it’s St. Patrick’s Day today.

Alright, I want to hear what you all have planned. Are you going all out and cooking the traditional meal? Want company? Just kidding. Maybe. Anyone daring the Irish pubs? Whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

{With Style and Grace}

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  • Will

    This idea is magical! What fun!

  • Happy Homemaker UK

    I just love this idea. So simple yet beautifully photographed 🙂

    I threw out chocolate coins for the kids in the front yard – I’ve never done this before, so they were really surprised and excited! XOL

  • karen @ our slo house

    Ha ha. I had to laugh about your husband not knowing that it would be St. Patrick’s Day. A few days ago, I said something to my husband about ‘guess what holiday is coming up.’ He goes, ‘Oh yeah, Easter is right here, isn’t it? It’s Easter this weekend, right?’

    p.s. Way to make a sugar cereal look special in an anthro bowl! 😉

  • Rowaida Flayhan

    your idea is amazing, love your post and beautiful photos.

  • domesticbliss3

    Seriously! Your photos are so amazing. You make Lucky Charms look like the best thing ever.

  • Vesta

    This is beyond adorable! What a sweet, thoughtful note to your husband–I’m sure it’ll make him smile! What a cute way to celebrate, and your photographs are gorgeous.

  • anna

    What a sweet little love gift! Only once a year do I fill our cereal jar with sugary cereal for the children. They always know that St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner when the Lucky Charms appear! I must admit that I do love those little marshmallows!

  • Alicia

    This post made me laugh and smile!! Lucky Charms take the cake over corned beef any day! 🙂

  • Wenderly

    You are so stinkin cute! I’m right there with ya, no traditional Irish fare here either. Now Lucky Charms on the other hand…that’s my kind of St Patty’s Day treat! (*love* those Anthropology bowls by the way! I bought about a dozen a month ago!)

  • Ally

    Yum! Lucky Charms 🙂 What a cute idea!!!

  • katy

    i’ll take lucky charms any day!

  • claire Gallam

    I love lucky charms!!

  • Amber’s Notebook

    LOL! I love it! i agree so simple but adorable. My husband would love this =)
    Amber’s Notebook

  • Melissa Sanchez

    Too funny! We saw the same Lucky Charms on sale at Target and my four year old grabbed them and said, “Mommy, you like these!”. It has been a pregnancy craving that I have been giving into. I did let him have a special bowl of them this morning before preschool since it was St. Patrick’s Day! But normally they are mine and no kids allowed!

  • Honee Dee @ Milk and Honee

    What a cute idea for your hubby! Be sure to let us know what he thought!

  • Kerry

    Honestly, I think the best ideas are often the simplest. Like this one 🙂 Inexpensive helps too!

    My brother in law’s birthday is around St. Paddy’s Day & my father in law is Irish (as am I!) so we have a family dinner with corned beef, cabbage & Irish soda bread. It’s yummy!!

  • Janice

    Lucky Charms is my all-time favorite cereal. You sure made it look beautiful. Now I need to go buy some. Nice blog post. 🙂