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Dear Pasta,

I’m happy we can be friends again, I’ve missed you.

That’s all.

~ L

I’m hooked and I don’t usually like pasta – I prefer sweet potatoes.

It’s the “sauce”, it’s amazing. Next time I’m doubling the recipe and storing it for weeknight dinners.

If that’s not enough, my (meat-eating) husband has requested this for dinner at least once a week. However, his version isn’t vegan – not with the chicken sausage he adds.

Make it how you want, vegan or not, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it either way. Oh and don’t be scared looking at the ingredients, just trust me on this one. Remember my “special popcorn“? That was also made with nutritional yeast & those of you who tried it, loved it.

{Health Week Recap} Day 1: Jewel Roasted Vegetables – more delicious and healthy recipes to come!

ps. this is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan!


Vegan/Gluten-free Spinach “Alfredo”

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{recipe adapted from Happy. Healthy. Life}


Vegan “Alfredo” Sauce:

  • 1/3 cup reserved pasta water (from drained pasta)
  • 3 Tablespoons Vegenaise (I used Best Foods, Light – not vegan)
  • 3 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
  • 1/3 cup Nutritional Yeast or can find in the bulk section at most natural foods market
  • 2 Tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 Tablespoon cumin powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt + pepper to taste
  • red pepper flakes for garnish – optional

note: add olive oil for a richer texture


Cook pasta according to directions on box or package. Drain and rinse. Reserve 1/3 cup of the starchy pasta water.

In a medium bowl, mix together all the ingredients for the sauce.

Pour drained pasta back into the pot it was cooked it in. Optional – drizzle a little bit of olive oil over pasta and toss. Fold in all the “Alfredo Sauce” ingredients. Add in the spinach. Sprinkle pasta with red pepper flakes on top – optional. Serve warm + enjoy!

{Created/Photographed by With Style and Grace}

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  • http://www.engineeringdeliciousness.blogspot.com/ Sarah @ Engineering Deliciousness

    This looks absolutely fantastic. Will definitely be added to the menu for next week. P.S. Is it bad that out of all the pictures, I’m most impressed by how shiny your flatware is. Mine NEVER looks like that!

  • http://sparklingfootsteps.blogspot.com Lynzy

    This is the perfect recipe for me! I cannot wait to try it! 🙂

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/rowaidafl/sets/ Rowaida Flayhan

    Amazing recipe my son will love this recipe one of his favorite dish!

  • http://sarahscucinabella.com Sarah Caron

    Wow, that looks really delicious. Quick question — should you mix the ingredients for the sauce together before adding them to the pasta? The directions didn’t mention it, but instinctively I would want to. Thanks!

  • http://couturecarrie.com Couture Carrie

    Thanks for the recipe!


  • http://letstalkhealthy.wordpress.com Lauren

    I just have to tell you how much I *love* your recipes! When I look at the details of your blog on my reader, almost every entry has a star! We are just finishing a kitchen renovation and I cannot wait to be able to try some of these dishes!

  • http://Www.bourbonandpearls.blogspot.com Tabitha

    Oh that’s it, I am going to track down nutritional yeast, this looks delicious, what a feast of recipes you’ve posted here

  • Erin B

    Lis – You know I love the nutritional yeast! This looks delicious and it can definitely pass the husband test for dinner with Ben’s modification. Love to you both!

    Tabitha – Not sure where you shop, but you can usually find nutritional yeast at Whole Foods and Fred Meyer in the bulk section.

  • http://pixelimpress.blogspot.com pam

    hi there. i popped over from plain & fancy blog. this pasta looks yummy! i try to be gluten-free.

    i also saw in your bio that your hometown is issaquah. i’m currently in snoqualmie. pam

  • http://thelonelywifeproject.wordpress.com/ Lonely Wife Project

    I’m head over heels for you! Can’t wait to try this.

  • http://www.lifezing.com/recipes Rekha

    Amazing recipe perfect for health concious people… delicious !!!

  • http://erraticallyelizabeth.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    This sounds great too! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  • Lisa

    Sorry to say, since I am always on the hunt for gluten, soy, and dairy free recipies…. Mustard has gluten in it. Cumin can also have gluten (flour to keep it from lumping).

  • http://www.withstyle.me With Style and Grace

    I have found and use gluten-free mustard and cumin, which I just now linked in the recipe. Thanks for your concern, hope this helps!

  • Firechilli

    How important is the nutritional yeast? 

  • Anonymous

    very 🙂 of course you could try without, just not sure what kind of result you might get.