Valentine’s Day S’mores Print Recipe Print Recipe

{Created/Photographed by With Style and Grace}

My homemade {heart shaped} marshmallows were first posted on a stick, then dunked in hot cocoa and now packaged with all the ingredients for everyone’s favorite, s’mores! This is part two of my heart shaped marshmallows, featured on Celebrations at Home as the their contributing foodie. What better way to say Happy Valentines day (i.e. “I love you”) than a pretty package of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers? I love you, too.

I wish I could tell you I was that talented and intentionally formed that heart in the middle of the toasted marshmallow, but I was just as curious as you are right now.

I agree, s’mores are best eaten by a campfire, but given that’s not always an option, the oven is a great backup! Trust me, incredibly easy and melt in your mouth amazing!

How to make s’mores in the oven


Preheat oven 400 degree. Cover baking sheet with foil.

Arrange graham crackers on baking sheet, about 1 inch apart from one another. Place 1-2 piece of chocolate on each graham cracker. Then place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate. Put the baking sheet into the oven and WATCH it because it only takes about a minute before it all begins to melt. Once it’s turned golden brown, remove from the oven and put the other half of the graham cracker on top of each toasted marshmallow and press down lightly. Enjoy!

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  • ashley maureen

    these look delicious! how fun to know that i don’t have to wait around for a campfire 🙂

  • Maria

    Great treat for Valentine’s Day!

  • quintessence

    Love these – we do this all the time in the winter. And at Christmas time when we are making more fires, we do it in the fireplace!!

  • Lee

    OOO now I want some s’mores!!!

  • Sara @travelsinheels

    Love these! Such a great idea and so easy! It is a great hostess gift too. I have never made marshmallows but have been wanting to try.

  • JoAnn @ i’d rather be shopping

    i. am. drooling.
    enough said.


  • jeanne

    I just wanted to come over and tell you how nice it was to meet you. I hope you had a great time at ALT. You have a lovely blog and I look forward to coming back.

  • Robyn | Add a Pinch

    What a great idea! I LOVE these.

    Thanks so much for joining in Mingle Monday!

  • Joy

    What an awesome idea. I think I will do this for my hubby and kids. I know they would love this special treat. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I know I look forward to visiting your place again. 🙂

  • With Style and Grace

    Thanks, Robyn! Loving your Mingle Mondays!

  • With Style and Grace

    Wow, thank you Jeanne!! Right back at ya’ – SO great to meet you, I just love your energy & hope to connect with you again, soon!

  • With Style and Grace

    I highly recommend you give them a try, I was shocked at just how easy they were! Plus, who doesn’t like marshmallows?! Mmmm….

  • With Style and Grace

    Oh that sounds fabulous! Hey, an indoor fireplace works just as well as an outdoor fire pit, right? 😉

  • With Style and Grace

    Easy, just go turn on your broiler 😉