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I believe most, if not all family recipes come with a guarantee. A guarantee that it will be incredibly delicious & worth every extra calorie. Otherwise, why go through the trouble of passing it down? At least that’s my experience. Lucky me, my Grandma has been nice enough to it pass down several of her family recipes, which I’m now passing onto you. Not a bad deal, eh? Sorry, couldn’t help it. I’m preparing for the arrival of our Canadian friends (T-24 hours!).

My grandma makes this cranberry dish for every Thanksgiving &/or Christmas dinner and always enough for leftovers. There’s a handful of recipes that she knows to double or triple. However, my family has been celebrating Thanksgiving in Maui for the past 7+ years and we’re beginning to experience major withdraws  – this and her chocolate cookie desserts… That’s when I decided to to email my techie grandma, requesting her recipe. Cranberries, oranges and sugar. That’s it? and it’s raw? and to think I couldn’t love this dish more…

Note: Do NOT attempt this recipe in a blender or magic bullet. Trust me on this, I’ve tried both. After throwing away a few batches, my mom and I got into our rental car and drove to the local Ace Hardware where we (she) purchased a Cuisinart. and voila, magic!

This recipe is incredibly refreshing, healthy, raw, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free AND delicious!



Oranges + sugar to taste

= Cranberry Orange Relish

{Photographed by With Style and Grace}

Grandma’s Cranberry Orange Relish Recipe


1 bag of fresh cranberries

1 large orange, rind left on – cut in half and then cut in chunks

sugar to taste


Using your Cuisinart, add half the bag of cranberries and half an orange – cut into small chunks. Blend until finely chopped, not mushy. Repeat with the remaining cranberries and orange chunks. Pour the cranberry orange relish into a bowl and add sugar to taste. I added about 3/4 cup of sugar.

Serve cold & Enjoy!

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  • Kristi

    Oh this sounds so perfect for Thanksgiving! I adored a touch of orange in things…so this is right up my alley 😉 So very sweet of you and your Grandma to share. Grandma’s recipes are always the best!! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.


  • Trish

    What a flavorful, easy cranberry. I love family recipes. They’re definitely my favorite. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let’s get together after the holiday!

  • Trish

    Oh one more thing – I am having trouble subscribing to your RSS – is it working properly or is it just me 😉

  • Kristine – Cool Wedding

    This is yummyliciouss!

  • Sarah

    This is the relish we grew up on every year. My grandma would also make it! It remains my very favorite and I still love to eat it by the spoonful 24 years later.