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Note: this was posted before becoming a gluten-free blog. Contains gluten.


Debate: big vs. mini. Throw in nutella and heath bar and it doesn’t matter the size {…of the cookie}. I couldn’t decide between the two recipes, “sugar cookie & nutella sandwiches” and the simple “heath bar cookies” so I just combined the two. yum, yum and YUM! It’s a good thing this was a success since this recipes makes enough to feed a small army {of kids, most likely} and ended up freezing half the batch of cookies, not the sandwiches {because we ate them}. With the soft middle, they’re the perfect frozen treat!


[mini cookie sandwiches]

[big cookie sandwiches]

{Photographed by me}


{Recipe} Nutella Heath Bar Sandwich Cookies (adapted from Cookin’ Canuck)

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups granulated sugar, divided
14 tbsp (1 3/4 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
2 large eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup Heath bar English toffee bits (I bought several heath bars, placed them in a ziplock and took out any aggression I had, smashing it with a rolling pin)

1 cup plus 1 tbsp Nutella (chocolate-hazelnut spread)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt.

In a large bowl, beat butter and 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar with an electric mixer set on medium speed until the mixture is creamy and fluffy, 3 to 5 minutes. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, and the vanilla extract.

Turn the mixer to low speed and gradually beat in the flour mixture until it is just combined. Using a rubber spatula, stir the mixture a few times to make sure all of the flour mixture is incorporated. Mix in Heath bits.

Place 1/2 cup granulated sugar in a small bowl. With slightly dampened hands, roll a small amount of the cookie dough between your palms to form a ball (approx 2 tsp). Roll the ball in the sugar to coat it and place it on a prepared baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining dough, spacing the balls about 2 inches apart from each other on the baking sheets. Lightly coat the bottom of a glass or metal measuring cup with butter and dip into the sugar. Use this to gently flatten the cookies to 3/4-inch thickness.

Bake the cookies, rotating from front to back halfway through baking. They are done when the edges are set and beginning to brown, 9 to 10 minutes. The centers of the cookies should still be soft and puffy. Remove the cookies from the oven and let them cool on the baking sheet for 10 minutes. Remove the cookies from the baking sheet and let cool on a rack.

Spread the bottom of one cookie with Nutella and sandwich with a second cookie. Serve as is or with a side of vanilla bean ice cream or topped with cool whip. Delicious!

Makes about 50 mini (or 24 large) sandwich cookies.

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  • Courtney @ Pizzazzerie

    I adore your site design. And I have to make these yummies ASAP. They look divine, and as always, your food photography wows me.

  • Tory

    Love love love it! The cookies and the design. 🙂

  • WithStyle

    Thank you for the sweet comment!

  • Cookin’ Canuck

    I’m so glad you enjoyed these cookies. I found that they make the perfect lunch box treat for my boys.