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My very first guest post, the Farmers Market Brunch was created and posted on Pizzazzerie last week. Thank you miss Courtney (my adorable twitter friend) for the wonderful feature!

Here’s how this all came to life…

A typical Sunday for me involves a trip to the Farmers Market, where I usually spend majority of our weekly grocery budget. I had a weak moment and ended up with several pounds of beautiful, mouth watering strawberries. I can’t be certain what my rationale was for purchasing a months worth of strawberries especially when our household consists of just my husband and I (& on a tight budget, might I remind you). In order to justify my purchase, I began testing various recipes (equals feeding others) and thought what better way to celebrate strawberry season then by hosting a strawberry themed event, such as a brunch with the girls.


Serve this Strawberries and baby spinach salad (via Savory Sweet Life) with roasted chicken or prawns and toasted baguette accompanied with an assortment of cheeses.


For the adults, serve Strawberry champagne (via Jamie Oliver) and for the under aged, fill mason jars full of fresh strawberry lemonade.


Having access to the Sprinkles recipe (via Martha Stewart) recipe, why not whip up these delicious Strawberry cupcakes!


It’s always nice to have a little something for your guest to take as a “thank you”. If you don’t want to go through the canning process, make this Strawberry jam (via Sophistimom), but make enough for yourself because I can guarantee you’re going to want a batch for yourself.

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