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Sorry, no baking challenge today. I’m too hungover and currently on my way to have one of these.

Image: Martha Stewart

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  • Nicole Dascenzo Reid

    Hey Lisa!
    Hope all is well! Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. I love the recipes. I am currently searching for some low-carb baking ideas and I thought that you would be a good person to ask. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Anyway, I hope your hangover isn’t too bad!

    Looking forward to the next blog,


  • WithStyle

    Hi Nicole, great to hear from you! There are a few blogs that have low carb recipes which i’ll email you. If you can eat dairy, there are several recipes that use skim ricotta cheese, which is high protein/low carb. Thank you for the very sweet comment & feel free to email me any time!